Night numbers

what blood sugar number is acceptable for you to go to sleep too?

For Sarah, I'm pretty happy with anything from about 120-160. Any lower and I have her eat a bit, any higher and I'll do a correction.

For Ri 180-200. If she is lower I give her something if she is over 250 I correct her. Not that it helps.

Ideal for me is 120.  I'll go to sleep with as low as 100 if my dexcom looks steady and I don't have any active bolus insulin in my system.  (And I probably wouldn't correct before bed unless I was 180+, but that's pretty rare in the evenings.  And even then, I'd be very conservative about the correction.)

Oh, and these numbers used to be more like, I'll go to bed between 130 and 190... But then I switched to the pump.  I never had any problems going low at night when I did injections, but Lantus was definitely more difficult to balance for me.  I'd go low in the evenings, so I was scared I'd also go low during the night if I didn't have a cushion.

I'm on Lantus. I like going to bed around 140. I try to avoid doing anything unless I'm outside of the 100 - 180 range b/c pre-bed food or insulin is trouble for me!! I find it hard to get it "just right" and I sleep through nighttime CGM beeps 9 out of 10 times. :P

Thanks, because last night I was around 105 before I went to bed and thought that was fine,but at 2 in the morning I woke up at 50 =[ so I think I'll try 120.

Hi Kayla,

Did you wake up because you were low or were you doing a planned 2 am check? Since you look like you are pretty recently dx'd, I'd make sure you are keeping good track of your activity levels too, since exercise can cause delayed blood sugar lows (or highs). I would also be more conservative at this point. I am most comfortable with my son above 120, but if he is below 100, I am more apt to adjust his pump basal rate for a few hours vs. having him eat. But he tends to go high after he falls asleep. I know it is a pain, but doing those middle of the night checks are really helpful in figuring out if your basal insulin is set correctly.

Good luck!


Hi there! I like to shoot for a blood sugar of 120-140 when I go to sleep. If I'm higher or lower than my targets, before I do anything, I have to think about any insulin on board, food, or activity that might be affecting me. For example, if I test my blood before bed and find that I'm 100, and I know that I did some activity that evening, I'd probably eat a little snack before bed. Or if I'm 175 before bed and I know I ate pizza for dinner, I might hold off giving any insulin and retest in an hour.

I know waking up at night to test is a pain, but it gives you important information as to how your levels are trending. Once you figure out how your body responds to different factors (i.e. exercise, food) throughout the night, you won't have to test as much during the night (unless something is seriously wrong and you need to). It will only help you in the long run!

Good luck!

I prefer to be between 100 and 160. If I am outside this range I correct a little, but not as much as I would for during the day. I am also starting to lower my basal rate instead of eating if I am lower, b/c I always end up really high if I eat and then go to sleep. It is a work in progress.

Yeah I don't usually set an alarm to wake me up to check unless I know I've been going low that day a lot so maybe I should just make a habit of it every night. The only problem is when I wake up in the middle of the night I cannot go back to bed for atleast an hour so it drives me crazyy. Atleast lows wake me up or else I think I would be in big trouble.