I’m new and couldn’t see if there is a group for people with CGM’s using Nightscout. I am using this with my Dexcom to view my BG’s at a glance from a smart watch. I love this!

Hi @wanitta,

I want to try nightscout was it an easy set up?


You know I am not very tech savvy and I set it up. They have step by step instructions on how to do it and at first I thought I would never understand it and I was reluctant to read thru the steps. People in the group helped me when I got stuck at one point. I am older, my vision is a little bit of a problem (cataracts). The thing I screwed up was I put an extra zero where it didn’t belong.

Join the Facebook group and read along and look at the instructions. Part of what can be confusing is that it is pretty flexible on how you do some of it. 'CGM in the Cloud". Or just Google the Nightscout Project" if your not on Facebook.

Is there a night scout group!?