Nighttime lows: At what point do you treat?

I used to treat anything under 100 at the 3AM check, now I have only started treating anything under 90.  I am calling the Endo today to get further clarification.  But how low does it have to be for you to treat?

Sounds like we treat it about the same as you.  Over 100 at 3am is good for us. Actually I checked my daughter over this past weekend she was 90. I didn't treat her and she woke up around 75. Kinda low for her. So I think i'm sticking with 100



We treat anything below 100 during the night for my son.

Our endo said treat bed and 3am check like sports anything below 100 treat. She is more worried about lows than highs. all you wake up your diabetic kids in the night? We only wake up at midnight and 3 if we change the lantus dosage - for only three days in a row.  Our direction is only to treat if lower than 70.  He is only recently diagnosed (about 3 wks now) and he never even had a low yet...wer'e getting there though.

I called my Endo to get clarification and she says treat anything below 80....but based on my experience if he is below 100 at 3am he is in the 70s when he wakes up.   So for now i am shooting for 100 at 3am checks! 

Helfen....We have had some rollercoaster rides lately and until it levels out I will continue to check at 3am most nights.  I can't function at work the whole week if i check it every night.  One week we were dealing with continuous lows, so Endo had us reduce doses.  Two weeks later he is hovering above 250 for a few days.  He has been sick the past two days so now BG is running low again.  Endo says hormones can really put everything out of whack.  You will figure out what works for your family....

We always treated below 100.  You can check your child with out waking.  My daughter can eat starburst in her sleep.  She has had diabetes for 9 years, and now is on a CGM so we don't get up much anymore.  We did not get up at first but after she had a seizure in the middle of the night i got up every night for many years until she got on a pump then it was just based of activity and ranges.

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You can check your child with out waking. 


Our 8-year old son (dx 5/13/09) sleeps face-down with his hands tucked under his body so I can't sneak up on him in the middle of the night.  Also, his circulation is sooooooo slow when he's sleeping, I can't get a decent drop of blood for testing unless I wake him up, have him sit up and shake his hands, AND set the AccuCheck on maximum depth.  No way I can test him in his sleep.  Thank goodness he's very stable, and we don't have to do 2 AM checks at this point.

I like to have his BS at 100+ before he goes to bed, as well as before he swims, has a high-activity day, etc.  We're heading off for vacation tomorrow, and I'll be keeping him a little on the "high" side, just to be safe. 




Hi I think it depends on the age and your child.  Our endo said for our oldest to be around 180 at bedtime our daughter around 200. Our oldest son we occasionally check at 1:00 am he is 12 and stays in target the majority of the time. We treat if he goes below 90. We wake up our daughter at 1:00 am to check if she is under 100 we give a protein carb snack. She is 6 yrs old.  Hope this helps the endo let us know to ck before bedtime to avoid nightime lows.



I laughed so hard when I read that she could eat starbursts in her son loves and craves candy he only eats them in his dreams....

The seizure thing is scary...

One night I let him go to bed at 77...I will rethink that now.

For us it is a complete roller coaster.  My son is 5 and still in honeymoon, but we check at 2am and I only treat under 80.  There have been times that at his nighttime snack his number is low, like around the 70's, so we try to make him eat more than normal and then when I test at 2am his is above 200.  Other times he is high around snack time and I try to give him a smaller snack (based on his activity of course), and his number is low during the night, or can be right on.  I have been playing with the snacks and numbers for 5 months now and I feel like this will never get routine. 

I talked to my sons D team about the nighttime reading and they had me change his snack according to his #. Seems to be working for us anyway.

80's - sanck of 17-23g

90s - snack of 15-20g

low 100s - snack of 12-17g

mid to upper 100s - snack of 0-15g

They also said if he's less than 80 at the bedtime check then a mid night check is a good idea.

Just thought Id share.


Thanks for the info!  Always helpful to share with friends!

We do a 2-3am check just about every night.  He sleeps through the checks as well as the corrections.  He can drink from a juice box in his sleep - we give if below 100, and we give insulin if he is greater than 150 via pump.  Lucas has many more highs at night than lows - he is six years old and growing like a weed.  At least every other week we either have a random 300 or 55 in the middle of the night so I cannot sleep without has been 3 1/2 years now, so I naturally wake up about 4 hours after I go to sleep.

is she using the pump?? if so decrease her basal rate at nightime.  I usually just change by a .05u .My daughter has 5 differet basal settings when she is more active and less active. really helps out.

I just make sure my daughter has a good reading before bedtime.  the novalog only lasts for 4hrs. peeks at 2, 

if your using lantus decrease the amt she is your edo dr. for the proper amount. then she wont be as low overnite cuz the lantus or levimer is carrying her for 24hrs.

Every child is different. I treat her anything under 80. and the other way also anything over 180 I treat also. she has a pump so I just give her a bolus while she asleep.

My daughter has had diabetes for 4yrs in nov. and things can change so fast. its unreal. something that worked today might not work tomorrow. or their behaiviors are so different for day to day.

I hope some of this helped you.

Hi there,

I also have a 5 year old who is still honemooning. I was told my my diabetes educator (nurse) to give him between 15-20 cb as a  nightime snack. If he's running low (70s) then give him about 5 cb more, then check him at 3:00 a.m. He's on NPH (Humilin only) so 3:00 a.m. is the right time to check for us. 2:00 am. is too early and 4:00 is too late to get an accurate reading, or atleast that's what I've been told.

Ask your nurse if it matters at what time you check him in the middle of the night, and if it matters what insulin he's on?

So far it's working fine for us. Good luck.

Let me know if you have anything other questions I can help with.