No delivery with QuickSets and now Sure-T as well! Any help out there?

I have had a Medtronic pump for 3 years. 3 months ago suddenly more than half my set changes ended in a no delivery alarm when I bolused, or I was very unwell with ketones about 4 hours post-change. (P.S. You don't get a no delivery on basal infusion I discovered.) I was using QuickSets and changed to Silouettes and Sure-Ts and have just had yet another high BGL and then no delivery when I tried to fix it while on a brand new Sure-T.

Medtronic say "site issue" and I reluctantly agree, after much trial and error, but I am not a fan of the Silouettes - they leave a bigger hole and they are much harder to insert on my back/backside!

Has anyone else had similar problems and do they resolve? Can I ever go back to my old favourites the Quicksets?

I have had the same problem with the Quicksets but just thought it was kinked. It seemed to work all day until I tried to give a bolus.

Hi Marguerite,

I have only used the Silouettes for 4 years now. I tried the Quicksets, but didn't like the larger hole they left in me and it went too deep and kept hitting muscle. I have not had any recurring issues with no delivery with the Silouetes. I rotate through 4 different sites on my abdomen and (knock on wood) havn't had any issues with build up in those areas.

Hope this helps! Good luck!


I’ve had the same problem lately with my quickset but only when I am changing my site and trying to prim. Just over the weekend it happened again. I was at a family member’s house changing my site and could not get the new tubing to prim- it said no delivery. Luckily as a rule I never take out my old site when I’m not at home so I just used my old site until I could get home, but same problem with quick set. I debating about calling MiniMed, has anyone else called them about it?

I've had it happen to me a few times.  A couple of times it was because the tubing was pinched between my stomach and my pants.  I know for quite awhile MiniMed was back ordered with the infusion sets because of problems with the tubing.  I think they redesigned them but I haven't heard anything else in awhile about problems.  Tara I do the same thing you do when I change my site.  You never know if the needle will get bent or stuck.

Hi Marguerite,

I had the same problem with my quicksets for awhile too, but then Medtronic sent me a recall letter on all Lot 8 quicksets.  So, check your Lot number for the quicksets that are failing you.  When I checked mine, more than half of my quickset supply were Lot 8.  If you did not receive this letter, you can call Medtronic and ask them how you can go about exchanging them for the new and improved quicksets.  They have sent me replacements for all the Lot 8's I turned back in to them.  I haven't had any problems with the improved ones.


Hello Marguerite,

Well I have had the same issues when using the Silouettes and I was told the same thing from medtronic when I called. So I found that for at least 1 mo they wanted me to try the Quick Sets and in different places than I usually use(I've always used my stomach for sites) due to the "site issue" after the mo I was able to go back to using the Silouettes but no longer liked them and now I only use the Quick sets.

Hopefully this will answer your question and let you know that you will be able to go back and use your Quicksets again.

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aside from the infusion system, site issues, occlusions, etc.,    your pump has a feedback pressure sensor that could be faulty.  a failing sensor would make the pump give you a false "no delivery" error.  just a though, perhaps to start a new thread of discussion with minimed.

i kind of never trust a new site, and do both a big fixed prime and then an extra bg  check to make sure it's working.

if I have severely kinked my tubing, i will also get a no delivery error on a bolus.  I just tell the pump to do the bolus again - and make sure the tube isn't caught under my belt or slammed in the car door.  the 2 no delivery alarms I ever got went away with a tubing "adjustment"

good luck =)

You guys are all amazing! 

I have had a really crumby 2-3 months with this and it is lovely to get such positive help.

I have been lent a new pump and had the same issues. I always prime and I have become much better at checking an hour after insertion (in fact I only change before a meal so that if it is not working it is really obvious at the 2 hour mark)

I am new to this forum, thanks again.

Tara, I have spent a couple of hours on the phone with them. You probably should do it at least once so that they can go through all the checks of the pump (which will probably all be normal but you never know). They are then likely to suggest changing the type of site to a silouette and you will need a slightly weird looking serter for these (you can do them without - i'd get some training if you can). 

I was not getting any basal dose at all and only got a no delivery when I bolused for a large meal (or to try and correct the really high BGL).

Good luck

!!! Here's an idea. Do you sit down or stand up when you're changing your site? I was instructed by the lady who came to my house and taught me how to do everything, to do it sitting down. But after several no delivery alarms at the very beginning of my pumping days (3 years ago) we called Minimed and they said you should always stand up to insert a site.

I had same issues with my mini med pump (I was using quick sets). After several issues of the same sort and feeling sick a lot with severe high blood glucose and ketoacidosis, I decided to switch pumps. I am now on the omnipod and feel much better and healthier now. Medtronics needs to get these issues taken care of. I too originally thought it was due to kinking in tubing and bad insertion but after reading this post it seems to be way to common. I would call them if I was you or look into switching like I did. It definitely was the best decision I made !!

Hope this helps !!

-Courtney :)

Oh and by the way I even sent my original pump in because I assumed it was not working properly and even the new one they sent me was giving me the same problems !! This is AMAZING to me that so many people are having the same issues !!

I just had this problem today.  I had to change my site 3 times today to get out of the 400s.  That is the worst feeling!!  The only time I have been this high is when the tube gets kinked.  This is the 4th time in the past 2 months since I switched to the quick set.  I like the smaller needle but I never had this many problems with the silhouettes.  But the silhouettes are painful!  I am getting ready to switch over to the Omnipod in June.  Have to wait for the new insurance first.  Courtney it is good to hear that the change was good for you.  The Omnipod sounds so much better since you don't have to deal with the tubing.  I am really disappointed that my Dr didn't tell me about the Omnipod when I started on the pump.

I had that problem as well whether it was the Lot 8 recalled ones or the replacement lots.  I really believe they were having more issues than they let us know about.  When I switchd to the new Mio infusion set (it comes with it's own disposable inserter and is very similar to the QuickSet), things started to go a lot better.  I'm a big fan of the new ones - little more expensive but worth it to me.