No heartbeat at my 6 week 5 day ultrasound...?

So I had my first ultra sound today and they said that they saw the sac and a fetal pull but no heartbeat. They scheduled me for another ultrasound a week later.  I am scared that I might have miscarried...any one have any experience with this?



I am so sorry for the stress that you must be going through right now.

The earliest ultrasounds I ever had in my 3 pregnancies have not been before the 8 week mark. Hopefully the next one will be just fine :)

I wouldn't worry until the doctor's tell you too! If you had miscarried, you would know.

I miscarried when I was just over 4weeks along, because it was an "incomplete" pregnancy..didn't sleep for three days, spent 8 hours in the ER the first trip to the hospital only to be sent home as they not only didn't have the machine to do an emergency abortion if needed but i hadn't actually miscarried yet..i was just in loads of pain and bleeding, then almost collapsed in the store when i went to get something to eat since i had nothing at home a few hours after getting home, went back home, called the medics(the fire department showed up! they thought the call was for a live birth! gah!) and went to the OTHER hospital in town, spent 8-ish hours in the ER then saw the Doc and got sent home with pain killers. So..I'm pretty sure you'd know if you miscarried, especially over 6weeks along!

My first ultrasound the second pregnancy was at almost 7weeks as well and I don't recall hearing a heartbeat or having the doctor say anything about the heartbeat. I'm sure if they aren't telling you there's a chance something is wrong, then there probably isn't. They are probably just booking the ultrasound as a precaution. =)

Thanks guys!

The only reason why I thought miscarry was because they mentioned possible fetal loss or too early to hear the heartbeat.  I am scheduled for next Friday so I will be right at about 8 weeks.  I never spotted but I did have some lower abdomen "cramping" on Monday.  I read that sometimes your body doesn't actually discard the fetus until weeks after life has you can tell my mind is racing!


well i'm hoping that's not the case for you! both situations(miscarriage) are equally painful!

I would stop looking it up on the web, don't read any articles in health magazines and force on being positive about the situation! Crossing my fingers for you everything's okay =)


Your right, I am going to stop obsessing over it.  I will just wait and let my body do the rest.  Excellent advice!

Hi Nicole, I know your mind is probably racing right now and I hope this gives you some peace of mind: it's very, very, VERY common for ultrasound machines to be unable to detect a fetal hearbeat prior to 8 weeks.  For this reason, my OB office won't even see you until you are 8 1/2 weeks along.  They've had too many patients get freaked out for no reason.  I actually have a friend who saw no heartbeat at 7 weeks at her OB's office, went back for another ultrasound at 9 weeks - and there it was! She's currently 22 weeks along and everything is just fine. 

I agree with Batts, if you'd miscarried, you would most likely know.  And normal period-like cramps are also very common in early pregnancy.  I had them with both my pregnancies for the entire first trimester.  I'd run to the bathroom, thinking for sure I'd see blood on the toilet paper, and nothing.  It's just your uterus growing and stretching to accomodate your new baby. 

I know it's hard to not let your mind wander to the worst, especially when you're dealing with other medical issues like diabetes.  I hope you're able to find a way to relax until your next ultrasound!  And btw, congrats on the pregnancy!!! :)


Thank you...that does make me feel better actually.  I was pretty heartbroken when the technician said...possible loss.  I felt like I did something wrong until I went and met with the doctor after the ultrasound.  He said it was probably to early so we will wait a week to see.  He said that if I did miscarry it wasn't my fault.  He said my before pregnant A1C was 7.2 and mostly women in the 9-11's are the ones that have problems.  He said to still keep shooting for under 7 but that it would probably be just a chromosomal abnormality. 

It's also good to hear that the cramps are normal LOL. I too run to the bathroom and look for the blood but nothing.  This is the most scared I have EVER been in my life. I worry about the health of my little one. I worry that my blood sugars are too high and I am going to hurt it.  I am also really nervous about huge weight gain. As all type 1 diabetics's hard to mantain a healthy weight while taking insulin. I am not a pump.