NO Humalog for 6 days now!

It’s true. Its all because I started a no carb diet. The results are amazing. Not only have I dropped a few pounds, but I have not taken Humalog in 6 days. Every night I still take my Lantus, but thats all. I did get a little grumpy one day due to no carbs, so I ate a small piece of chocolate and it seemed to put me right back on track. I eat scrambled eggs with cream cheese in the mornings along side an starbucks grande latte with half & half (brevia) and sometimes some bacon; I eat cheeses; meats; pickles; etc for lunch; and fish, chicken, steak or hamburger for dinner. Some of the items I eat have very small amount of carbs, like my wifes cauliflower mashed potatoes (only cauliflower). Yum Yum. But it still has not been enough to cause me to take any Humalog. Because of upcoming Christmas parties, I have to go off of this diet for a bit, HOWEVER, I learned some great things about how the avoidance of carbs is a great thing.

hi @Mykenos

no-carb can be okay but for many people - they can’t do it forever. watch for troubles with your kidneys, esp if you go the “processed meats” (you mentioned bacon) direction, the salts and all the protein might be difficult to eliminate. I guess you’ll need a lot of water.

it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check-in with a doctor, especially if you have any kidney/blood pressure/other issues with dehydration. just a thought. since we are supposed to get regular blood panels, if you mention your diet to your doctor they may want to tailor your blood test to ensure you are okay.

no doubt you can lose weight, with no extra insulin around your body won’t be able to store fat. one other thought, you could lose muscle mass as well as burn fat, your body could consume more than just fat. if you check for ketones you’ll probably see “large” as ketones are the byproduct of metabolizing fats. good luck!

The next question is, what kind of activity are you doing while you’re undergoing this low-carb diet? As for myself, I just spent a few minutes doing lately is what I call ‘the phone dance’. You see I live in a townhouse that’s three stories tall and I seem to have the attention span of a nat, So What I’m having to do is to to go downstairs to the living room and dial my cel from my landline. Now I’ve got to get upstairs before four rings or it goes to voicemail. It took me five tries before I found the thing. If I was on a new carb diet what would my blood sugar be? In the best of all possible worlds I like to keep my blood sugar around 132 to 170. How do I get up the stairs with just fat and whatever of my livers got to kick announced inside there?

I guess I’m kind of fortunate because I “bounce” if my blood sugar goes down substantially then my liver will kick in and all the sudden I’m at 500. What would happen to me at this point without carbohydrates?

Exercise can do that, too. When I was in high school I spent a week in Costa Rica at an ecological research station. We’d go hiking for about 4 hours every morning, then spend most of the afternoon swimming. I was eating carbs there (lots of rice and fruit) but the portions were smaller than I was used to. With the combination of the exercise and the light carb intake, I found I no longer needed my Humalog or Regular at breakfast, just my NPH. I did still need a little before dinner and before bed, though. My current job involves a lot of manual labor and my insulin requirements have dropped significantly since I started working there, despite the fact that I’m also eating more now. Both my breakfast and lunch are almost entirely carbs on any given day, but I only need a few units of Humalog to cover them. And my Lantus dose has decreased from 33 units to 24.

I went low carb/no carb on 25 Sep 2014. That day I weighed 267lbs. This morning I stood on the scale and was 199.4lbs. I have been a Type 1 since Jan 1974 and have been on an insulin pump for about 17 years now. While low carb my insulin use has been cut in half and my A1c has not been above 6.7. I can now exercise like I haven’t in years, swim, bike, walk mile and miles, take exercise classes, and best of all no longer pay a fat tax for plus size clothes. My doctor fully supports me, and I see her every 3 months for all the usual blood work and testing. I have also read Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution book, an eye opener! Even on a cheat day I find myself making better food choices naturally and in no way feel deprived.