No time to myself or with partner

We have had one night off in five months. No one can watch out kids but my parents. they aren’t retired they work full time and still have two adult children living with them. It’s sooo hard not getting time together or to ourselves. We are a young couple with two kids. Our daughter (4yrs) has type 1. No one else knows how to manage our daughters type1… & it’s too hard to train people up because everyone’s so busy with their families and jobs. Is this the same for a lot of parents of type 1 kids?

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It is exactly the same for my wife and I. We have 3 boys - 9, 7 and 3. My 7 year old was diagnosed when he was 2. It is impossible to find someone to watch all 3 and we do not have anyone who is trained to care for my son’s type 1. We have not had a night out in a very long time.

can you network in your community, maybe find another type 1, either adult of parent of? would take less training! Maybe your endo-type would have resources.

Hi Claudia @Cloudydays93, I hear what both you and Mike @mullane77 are both saying and I empathize. And to both of you, Welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum! I hope each of you will find here information and support as you work helping your kids to live full and active lives. None of our children or grandchildren have any form of diabetes [thankfully] so I’m offering my support only from the standpoint of a person living with diabetes into my seventh decade.

I don’t want to sound too arrogant, but once the correct insulin amounts are “working properly” - be that background insulin [basal] and mealtime bolus ratios - your child with diabetes, a person with mature judgement could very safely watch over to give you and your partner an evening away. Very minimal training, other than to know “warning signs” is needed and then if the child is hypoglycemic to provide appropriate carbohydrates.

@Val has a very good suggestion. You will be able to find good support and resources in your area by networking with others affected by TypeOne from your local JDRF Chapter. Yon can get that contact information by clicking the “Events” tab at the top of this page and selecting “JDRF Near You”.

Good traveling to both of you!

You don’t sound arrogant at all. I do agree with you. However, those around me have said they are not confident enough. Doing a finger prick to our daughter is nothing to us but … for example…when her kinder teachers did her first one they were shaking while doing it because they were so nervous. They simply don’t have the time to build that confidence with all that’s going on in their own lives. So it comes down to how confident they feel with it all too. I have two friends with young children with type 1 & I don’t think I could ever ask them, as they’re in the same boat lol… as for networking, it takes me a long time to trust someone with my kids regardless of any medical condition. You always hear those crazy stories about baby sitters… definitely open to meeting and talking to other parents with children with type 1, hopefully more beautiful and strong friendships are made but I definitely couldn’t leave my kids with someone I hardly know just because they have experience with type 1 management. I may just have to put myself out there more but it is exhausting lol. Thanks so much for all your replies everyone. Feels good to not be alone on this but also feeling sad for others going through the same thing.

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Why couldn’t you ask them? Seems to me you have the perfect chance for a co-op situation. Someone watches them on a night they are available and then you watch their kids when available, etc. Or set up an on going schedule if they are willing. Everyone deserves (and needs) a break every once in a while. Even just a dinner out or a walk around a park together. You’ll never know if these other parents are willing unless you ask :slight_smile: Who knows, they may be feeling the same way as you and not know how to bring it up. The very worst that can happen is that they are not on board but that doesn’t mean you lose them as a friend. Good luck!