No treatment during Honeymoon. Is doctor's plan normal?

Hi everyone,

I am both new to type one and typeonenation. I was diagnosed Jan. 6th of this year, but I had been sick since Oct. My general doctor first diagnosed me as type two, I think she thought 24 was too old for type one, and then sent me to a local endocrinologist who re-diagnosed as type one and graves disease(hyperthyroidism). They did not put me on insulin, instead they told me to take the metformin the general had given me once a day and learn to carb count. At that point I was honeymooning and took myself off the metformin, as it always makes me go low within two hours(still does). I also really wasn’t going high enough to merit metformin.

For about the past two month my numbers have been trending up, and about four weeks ago at the endocrinologist I asked them about the numbers and if it was time or coming time to treat them. They told me that they didn’t want to put me on something until it was really necessary because I am so young. Now I am high(200-350) all the time and it is effecting my ability to live(can’t get work done, sleep all the time, effects driving). To be truthful, I still have not mastered eating right, but I have noticed that, sometimes, even when I eat right my numbers are still high. Everything is a mess and I don’t feel that my doctors are really doing anything to help, or are just waiting for something bad to happen first. I am calling them in the morning to talk to them about this, but don’t feel I know enough to know how to handle any of this.

Is this a normal treatment plan? Have other people’s doctors handled their honeymoon phases this way? Or is my worry just getting the better of me?