Non-autoimmune type 1

I'm 36yrs  and diagnosed 7 months ago.  I was wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed as type 1 without testing positive for the antibodies(GAD) that type 1's have?  Basically, non-autoimmune type 1..

I was diagnosed at 40 (Type 1.) I'm sure I wasn't tested for that -- it was 1992. To be honest, I'm not familiar with it and would like to learn more. It's always been a mystery to me that no one in my family has had diabetes of any kind.

That's interesting - I wonder how they determined it was T1 without testing positive on the GAD antibody test? At the time of my dx at 39, I was given 3 different antibody tests - the GAD 65, anti islet cell, and insulin antibody. I only tested positive on 2 of them, I believe. However, my daughter is also T1, so that was definitely an indicator towards T1.

Well, I had all the symptoms, frequent urination, blurred vision, weight loss (I was small anyway), high blood sugar. I'm also sensitive to insulin. Maybe they didn't run all those tests back then?

I am 39 and was diagnosed last fall.  They did the GAD and C-Peptide, and explained to me that both tests were inconclusive...they said in each test I was just at or over the line between Type 1 and Type 2.  My doc says it is most likely the 'honeymoon' phase of Type 1.  This seems pretty confusing to me, although I do have a nephew and a grandfather with Type 1.