Non d stuff


What about it? What type of music do you like? Do you have a fave band?

i like music!

Music is awesome!!!  Everclear is my favorite band!  I also love Jimmy Buffett!!!

when i think of everclear, i think of santa monica. classic.

Santa Monica is definitely my favorite....I also like So Much for the Afterglow and Father of MIne.....great tunes!

Other "non-d stuff":  Cheese.  Discuss.

omgilovecheese. i just ate some cheese. with crackers. to treat a low. yay cheese!

Cheese, and all its derivatives, is probably my favorite food.  I pretty much can't go a day without string cheese, at least. 

I am with you Kim and C....I could eat a whole pound myself!  I REALLY like provolone and munster!!  How about pickles???  Kosher dills are sooo good!!! 

Pickles are good, too.  Wait...  pickles...cheese... are we pregnant?  :D

Provolone is quite yummy.  Anything that goes in Italian food, actually.... 


Lost....the TV show.....discuss....??

The only episode I saw of Lost was the series finale.  Heh!  I watched the two hour "recap" they showed right before it, so, you know, I felt prepared.

i haven't seen season 5 or 6 yet, so let's not discuss too much :o) but i've enjoyed the first 4 seasons. it always leaves me yelling at the tv the way EVERY EPISODE is a cliffhanger. especially the finales. SERIOUSLY. but that's what also keeps me watching :o)

anyone watch dexter or the sopranos? i've seen every sopranos episode :o) if you subtract the murderous tendencies, they're my family. haha. ok, we're not THAT dysfunctional but we have our moments :o) i like dexter too. i've seen the first 3 seasons, and i should be getting season 4 from netflix soon. apparently, i enjoy something about violent tv shows.... but who doesn't enjoy a likeable serial killer? hahaha.

i'm disturbed....

Yeah, I yelled at the TV a lot!!!  Just when you thought you had things figured out.....they threw in a wrench!  I won't say anything else about the show until you watch season 5 and 6.  I don't watch Dexter...but I have seen a few episodes of the hubby wants to go back and rent all of the seasons.  I'd be into that.  How about Mad Men???  Very interesting.....

C you're not disturbed.....have you heard about the show on CNN called Lock Up???  My hubby and I watch it every's a very interesting look at life in different prisons across the country......check it out.  It's disturbing that I like to watch it!!

my ex bought me the entire sopranos series a couple years ago. it took me 3 months to watch it all, but it was completely worth it. gotta love mob families! my grandparents are from italy, so i know all about the huge italian family :o)

i don't watch mad men. i actually don't watch tv anymore, except for football and baseball. that's why i rent the seasons of a show i like :o) occasionally, i'll turn on the SyFy channel because every show is all about conspiracy theories. it just cracks me up.

hey gracie!! Oh I love music btw, I can't live without my ipod!           Vampire Weekend, Scouting For Girls, The All American Rejects, 30 Seconds to Mars, Greenday, Dune, OneRepublic, Owl City, Paloma Faith, Plain White T's, The Who, The Script, The Rolling Stones, Train, My Chemical Romance, Kelly Clarkson......... etc etc etc

my favorite is definatley 30 Seconds to Mars lol

the lead singer of 30 seconds to mars (jared leto) used to be an actor. it'll take me awhile to get used to the eyeliner. :op

dunno about the eyeliner but he definitely rocked that pink mohawk! :D

Vampire Weekend = YES.