Non-diabetics ignorance drive me crazy!

At one of my jobs, a customer saw my "Type 1 Diabetic" tattoo (It's on my wrist with the medical logo). And told me he was an EMT and it was a good idea. I thanked him for the compliment. He then told me a story about a guy he knew that went from being a Typ 1 Diabetic to a Type 2 Diabetic. I kindly told him that it is not possible for that to happen, they are different diseases in the body. He tried to tell me that I was incorrect and that his friend was over 400 pound and on insulin, lost a lot of weight and was down to taking pills for it, and that it how you go from being Type 1 to Type 2. I tried explaining that Type 2 Diabetics can be put on inuslin if their diabetes is not controlled with diet, exercise and pills, but they are still (and were before) Type 2. He told me again I was wrong and I gave up and politely nodded and smiled. THIS BOTHERED ME!!! He was an EMT and didn't KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Thank you for listening to my rant session :)

I think that many type 1's eventually get type 2 also. HIs description isn't correct but it is possible. There are people that post here that got type 2 also later in life.

Hey Cheyanne-

I've had diabetes for 35 years.  I've heard the same misinformation from people for that whole time... and they always think they're right even though they're completely confused.  

Just forgive them and go on.  Some people can receive corrections.  Other people are stubbornly wrong.  And watch the My Life as a Pincushion: The Diabetes Police video on YouTube.  It will make you feel better.  



Love this Jenna! Thanks for sharing

Terry - You don't develop type 2 if you already have type 1 - just like type 2 can't ever turn in to type 1. A person with type 1 can develop insulin resistance which is a characteristic of type 2, but they don't actually have type 2 diabetes. The same as when a type 2 develops dependence on insulin, they are not a type 1 - their beta cells just aren't functioning properly.