Non diabetics understand?

i had a teacher at school who i asked to unlock my classromm so i could test my blood sugar atfer gym. she said oh, yes. of course wich one is yours? so i showed her my classroom and she came and asked oh wich one do you have? i was confused because there was only one other person in school with diabetes and i already knew who she was. so i answered with the onetouch mini and she came to look at it and saidoh, i never saw that one before. when my blood sugar came up shes like wow, 5 secondes, thats fast! did you know that you can put a film canister in there to collect your used strips? i dont think you know what those are because you seem like an advanced technologie kind of person.

the conversation went something like that. i talked more than what i wrote though. it kind of made me feel like whoa! where do you know all this from!

i wish i could say the same thing but ever sense i started going to AA (those r my school anisles im NOT an alcohoilc) people ansked the Q does it hurt when u prick ur self but after the first day of school every one just got used to the fact that i prick my finger and that i know how to give my self a shot its really cool but know one really under stand exept my family.

It will probably be rare to find a lot of people that arent diabets who understand. However, there are a lot of people with diabetes these days so its hard to talk to someone who doesnt know at least one person with it.  I'm not saying either just because they know someone with it that they know all about it. Like myself, I'm not a diabetic but I know my fair share about diabetes just because my little brother has it. But I'm like you from the stand point of when you find someone who actually knows what you're going through or at least have some idea that you are shocked.