Non invasive bg monitors

Being a relitive of someone with t1d and seeing him not take care of himself and end up in really bad health has given me the insight and compassion for all of you that are helping their children daily to make this a easier less chaotic experience! i want to start off by saying congrats to all of you for being strong amazing loving parents to this amazing children! i have met so many amazing creative intellegent compassionate people here that i want to share this find with you… i have been working with a pump developer to get it linked to this helo for non invasive bg monitoring recording of values and alerts to your personal preset highs and lows. my mission is to help every child to have one of these devices for a better way of keeping up with their personal health! any questions or comments on how to better this device would be very much appriciated i want to learn about how you deal and what ways you have found to make it easier… Any questions about the helo im here to help too!

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Jennifer @jenshelo,
Does the Helo now actually calculate BG?
I have seen that the Helo measures many “health / activity” functions but I’ve never noticed a glucose measurement.

If it does measure glucose, does it provide a numeric value of does it sense a level change in the body? Fifteen years ago I “test drove” the GlucoWatch that sensed glucose change but I wasn’t impressed.

Is this thing (Helo blood sugar monitor) available for sale yet? My research shows “coming soon”. Do you have any idea when it will be available if it’s not already?

I’m not a child (far from it) or use a pump, but I’m very interested in invasive blood testing. I was thinking the FreeStyle Libre was for me. But if this thing is available I’m want to try it.

The most current wearable BGM being developed that I’m aware of (and I believe about to start clinical trials) is LifeLeaf by LifePlus Inc.

They had a bit of a splash in the media a couple of months ago, and I’ve been watching closely for updates, but none so far.