Non-invasive CGM

C8 Medisensors has developed a non-invasive NIR CGM.  They will first start selling it in Europe, and have started taking reservations for it there.  They have also opened a facility in San Jose, California which I presume will be a manufacturing or final assembly and packaging location.

The NIR (near-infrared) method transmits low power light through the skin to reflect off glucose molecules.  The concentration is then calculated by the receiver.

See the "Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring Explained" video on this page (and LOL at the suggestiveness at 1:11-1:19):

Pros and Cons as I see them:


- Nothing poking in my skin!  <--- this is a big one for me

- Won't hurt if it gets bumped

- No adhesive sticking to you (some people can't use existing CGMs due to skin reactions to the adhesive)

- No disposable sensors to buy (and fill up landfills later)

- Can take it off and put it back on any time

- Communicates via bluetooth to a smartphone app (finally a company that gets it!)

- Does not require calibration using a regular meter (so says their web site, not sure why not)

- Uses light, not electricity like the glucowatch did, so less likely to cause skin irritation


- Needs gel applied on skin under light source, so there are still supplies to buy

- Bulky, the belt carrier looks like a big girdle in the video

- Power hungry, requires big power cells (see:  "Bulky", above)

- First available in Europe, could be a long time for the US (freaking FDA!)

- Supposed to be used in addition to, not as a replacement for a regular meter

- Info wasn't clear, but this is probably ISF, not serum glucose measurement (15 min lag time)