Jim has died.

(Jim is my Dexcom CGM.  We had such good times....)  I am totally bummed about this!

I got an error code about a half hour ago, and called Dexcom...  they are overnighting me a new receiver, which means it should be here Thursday.  After reading them the error code, they said it's nothing I did; it's a hardware problem.  Blerg!  I realize I'm lucky to even have a CGM in the first place, but when you get used to having all that information available at any time, and then *poof* it's gone....  frustrating.

Just had to vent... and mourn my loss a little....  :(

So sorry to hear of your loss... 


Sorry to hear about Jim, he was a good chap.

I was wondering if you still had Jim?  You see I'm a doctor (electrical engineer) and would like to preform an autopsy on Jim.

My 5 year old son is to small to wear a Jim.  Jim's a big guy!  I would like to res-erect Jim as a wristwatch, so we can keep our son under control with a Dex7.

Any help would be moo-cho-grasie-as appreciated.


Hi Bill,

Jim's final resting place was with Dexcom.  They had me ship him back, so they could perform their own autopsy, and lay him to rest with others of his kind. 

Sorry!  :)


Haha! Cracking up at the 2 previous posts!