Normal morning numbers, high daytime numbers

Gavi seems to have his best numbers of the day when he wakes up. This morning it was 110, yesterday it was 86, and rarely over 120. But for the past few weeks, the rest of his numbers have been really high, in the high 200's, the past few days mostly in the 300's. Today before lunch it was 198 (unfortunately now I consider that a great number compared to what we've seen lately). He finished lunch around 2pm or so, and wasn't hungry for a snack so he went until 6pm without eating. Before dinner his number was 101. 2 hours after dinner it shot up to 264 (he ate at most 40-45 carbs for dinner). Yesterday morning (when he had the 86) he ate at most 30 carbs, maybe even a little less. I wanted to see how his breakfast would affect his blood sugar, so I tested him 2 hours after breakfast, it went up to 395. It stayed in the 300's for the rest of the day. He has an appointment with his endo. next week and we pretty much expect her to start him on Novolog.


Does anyone else have great morning numbers but terrible daytime numbers? I know he's only on Lantus right now and I can't expect it to keep his numbers under control, but shouldn't it do something to help his daytime numbers? When he was sick and had to use the nebulizer, his endo. couldn't increase his Lantus because his morning numbers were really good (he had a few morning numbers in the 70' at the time), but his blood sugar would go down on its own so she didn't want us giving him Novolog yet.