Lately I have been going through a rough patch. I find myself not wanting to look after myself at all (not testing bgl or administering insulin) and beginning to not care anymore. Sometimes when diabetes is brung up in a conversation or when people make rude remarks about being diabetic I just feel like breaking down. Is it normal to feel like this? To not want to check your BG and get shots? To always feel alone and upset? Let me know how you feel.


Oh sweetie I am so sorry. I have been there too many times. From experience, Not taking care of yourself brings you into a downward spiral that is hard to get out of. When you aren’t checking or taking insulin you can get very sick and become DKA. (diabetic ketoacidosis) It is extremely dangerous and it can land you in the hospital. It’s ok to feel down about diabetes, it is a 24/7 365 day disease that you never get a break from. You are human and yes it is normal to feel this way! It’s not easy sometimes but, you have to start each day new. Tomorrow is a brand new day, tell yourself today I will check my blood sugar before meals and take my insulin. If you do it, it is a win right? Everyday set new goals for yourself and you will find yourself feeling better as days go by. Talk to your parents about how you feel too, have them help you, or even the school guidance counselor or school nurse. Baby steps will help you to get back on track. If you need to talk to me, contact me anytime @gina.

Oh my, I have been there more times than I can count! Like Gina said, you never get a break from this, so just like anyone else who is dealing with a chronic or long-term disease, there will be “bad days” when you just want to throw up your hands and say “SCREW IT!!!” The good news is, like Gina also says, tomorrow is another day, so you when you get thrown off the horse so to speak, the next day you just get back on and do the best you can. Forums like this can be a big help because we have a good idea what you’re going through. I’ve had it 31 years, and it helped me to realize that people who say ignorant things are just that, they’re ignorant. Not that they’re dumb (OK, some are) but they are just not correctly informed, so try to tell yourself that they mean well, but they just don’t have the right information, and that’s OK. Most people only hear about and know Type 2’s, and as we all know there are lots of differences. So just say “thank you” and change the subject or go chat with someone else. Do you have a Certified Diabetes Educator you visit once or twice a year? I love them because they are there to help make your diabetes easier to manage, whether it’s analyzing your numbers for trends, teaching you how to count carbs more accurately, or just listen if you need to rant. And they usually spend an hour with you, unlike your doctors. They can get you a referral to one if you don’t have one already. Keep coming back to this site so we can hear how things are going. It’s a journey, sometimes a bumpy one, but you will get through it with perseverance and support.


I would lose count if I thought of how many times I’ve had thoughts like that! I know that feeling of being alone, but that’s what we’re all here for. We’re going to fight this together and, just like the previous comments, tomorrow is a new day. Take baby steps and make ATTAINABLE goals everyday! That’s how I get by when I get down on the bad days, which are very common!

Ask yourself how many people you know that can work a job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I guarantee you can’t think of many or any at all. We’re very talented in that regard. We all have to stay committed but are all human at the same time, so it’s not as easy as it seems. We all get that here! There are so many times where I just don’t want to change my catheter for my pump or just skip blood sugar checks.

@Gina mentioned that if you say that tomorrow you will check yourself before your meals and dose for them, it’s a win. She’s so right! That’s a great starting goal. Then move on to trying to get the numbers in a certain range. Start small and slow though! It will get better after that.

You’re a strong person, keep your head up. Always here to chat if need be. Don’t be shy.