North Carolina

If you live in North Carolina and want to find others that live in your area this is the place!

we live in waynesville, nc. we have 3 children, and they all have type 1 diabetes. is there anyone else in the area that would like to chat or get to know each other, maybe meet? please get back to me.  Betty

Hi. I live in Holly Springs, NC, which is just south of Raleigh.  I'd love to meet some other people in the area, preferably in the 35+ age group.  I've been a Type 1 for almost 30 years.

I live in Salisbury,NC and would like to know if there is anyone who lives near here.



   I am nathan and i live in charlotte. Is there any one in this general area. If so please contact me


Hey Everyone,

I am 16, I live in Charlotte, NC and was diagnosed about a year ago.  I am also one of three of the delegates for Children's Congress this summer!  Feel free to talk to me.

Hi there.  I'm much older than you (41), but I wanted to let you know that I've been through it all.  I was diagnosed at 11, so I've pretty much been there, done that.  If you ever have any questions, or need to vent, I'd love to lend you any advice or help I can.

Hi There,

I am a mother of a wonderful little boy aged 7 and diagnosed with diabetes since age of 4.  I am looking for other children his age to become friends with that also have diabetes.  Do you know thru your interaction with children's congress anyone my son's age?



Hi Sheri.

Where in NC do you live?


I am one of the three delegates for NC.  I think the others are a 10 year old boy and another 16 year old girl, maybe?

I live in NC too.

Hey everyone,

I live in Belmont NC, It's right between Gastonia and Charlotte.

Hi I'm Hannah,

I'm totally new to this web site and I'm not really sure how to work it.

But I'm 19 years old and I live in Greensboro, NC. 

Goldsboro here...


Hey I live in Greensboro

Hi! I'm Katie, I live in Raleigh NC, have been a type 1 for 5 years now.  Are you involved in any JDRF chapters in NC? I really want to get involved and participate in some walks and fundraisers!

Im in the Alamance, Burlington area. im 17. type one for going on 12 years now.

I'm in Charlotte, NC. I'm 15, and was diagnosed when I was 7, a couple weeks before my eighth birthday. Health problems was my least favorite present.

Btw, If anyone goes to Butler High school, or just wants to talk, let me know.