Nose Piercing?

Hey, I was just diagnosed with T1 in March, and I am currently in college.  I have been contemplating the idea of getting my nose pierced, and was just wondering if this is a bad idea, since it is said that diabetics are more prone to infections? 

I don't have my nose pierced but I know some diabetics that do. I do have 7 piercings. 6 are just lobe piercings but one is a rook, a cartilage piercing that takes substantial time to heal and is prone to not just infection but migration and other fun stuff (ick)! Personally i have had no problems with any of my piercings. Just make sure you really follow all of the directions that the piercer gives you and if you are really concerned you can always talk to you doctor. Happy piercing!!!

I was diagnosed in May 2008... I got my nose pierced early Oct. 2008. :D

the healing process might take a bit longer, but my friend got her nose pierced with me (she's not diabetic) and she actually had more trouble with keeping it from getting infected.


by the way! if you do get it pierced... i recommened cleaning it with sea salt mixed with some water (you can find it in your local grocery store by the salt!) because it helps fight off any infection!

let me know if you have any other questions

Thanks for your help!  I was having a lot of second thoughts but now that I hear you girls haven't had any problems it makes me a lot more confident that my piercing will go fine! thanks again =)

Hey there!  I've had my nose pierced twice with no problems.  It took a little longer than normal to heal, but nothing else.  I used a sea salt spray that I purchased from my piercer that worked wonders. 

I haven't had any problems with any of my piercings, and I know several nondiabetics that had to remove theirs due to rejection or infection.  I think an important thing is to pay a little more money to get a good quality ring from your piercer. Cheaper jewelry can use lower quality material and coatings.

it just takes longer to heal...but its supposed to hurt a heck of alot more then your ears! id like to get my eyebrow done when im older...=)

I had been a diabetic for three years before I got my nose pierced. I talked to my endocrinologist about it and she said that as long as I kept my BG levels under control there's nothing to really worry about. I had a one minor infection that cleared up after a little extra care and that wasn't too bad.


I think as long as your blood sugars are under control you don't really have to worry about anything. Meaning infections etc..

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I think as long as your blood sugars are under control you don't really have to worry about anything. Meaning infections etc..


Yeah cuz what causes infections that can lead to amputations is hight blood sugar.