Not All Diabetics Are Overweight

And that's that. 

I'm doing a research presentation on the Artificial Pancreas and I need some pictures for my powerpoint. I basically search 'diabetes type 1' on the Google search engine AND a couple of the pictures show overweight people. 


Uhm, diabetics are not always overweight! People label it 'the fat people disease'. How messed up is that?

I don't know, I just felt like ranting. Everyone needs to lose weight, I mean, no one is perfect. So some ignorant people shouldn't say diabetes is for fat people...that is just wrong. 

Not everyone needs to lose weight, actually. I'm not sure you've made the point you're trying to, but yes, "fat" is a stereotype that people with diabetes encounter often.

not all fat people are diabetic, either.

I seriously hate when people think you have to be overweight to be diabetic. It just shows that the social medias and other advertiesments dont show the type one side of diabetes. Very messed up!