Not Feeling Post-Exercise Lows

I've noticed that after going for a run or playing badminton, if I'm really low, like in the 40s or 30s, I won't feel it.  Normally, if I'm low during some other activity I can detect it, but after exercising I can't.  Has anyone else experienced this??

likee oncee. but usually whenn i'm loww i can feeel it right awayy.

I've experienced this several times. I attribute it to the adrenaline rush feeling and don't really actually feel the low until I've come down from my endorphin rush.

Anyone else think it could be adrenaline or is Ginger hiding somewhere and can give us the actual scientific/exercise answer? :P

I have this happen to me too. I think you're right, Pat. That's what I say it is too

It has happened to me as well. I agree with pat. I will email Ginger to see if she has any ideas.

Could it be because you've been going low for some time, like more slowly. Most of the times it's a sudden change, I'm low and I can feel the difference. But exercise could be slowly bringing you down and combine it with Pat's idea of adrenaline, and you didn't feel the pot boil.

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I attribute it to the adrenaline rush