Not handling things well

Hey guys, My name is Eliza and I am currently 16 years old. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on my mums birthday when I was five years old, so I have practically grown up knowing nothing but the diabetes lifestyle. I have always handled being diabetic well and have since using an insulin pump found everything getting a little easier. Lately though I have been going through a rough patch. I find myself not wanting to look after myself at all (not testing bgl or administering insulin) and beginning to not care anymore. Sometimes when diabetes is brung up in a conversation or when people make rude remarks about being diabetic I just feel like breaking down.

I have never had anyone to relate to. No friends with diabetes. It is only now that I find myself reaching out to you guys, I just need someone to talk to and someone who could offer support.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey ELiza! My name is Margaret Anne and I’m also 16. I was diagnosed with type 1 a little over two years ago. I haven’t switched to a pump yet (my dance schedule makes that difficult) and therefore still take my insulin through injections. I totally understand how you feel about the negative or just factually inaccurate remarks or assumptions about diabetes that people try to apply to your life. Even my mom assumes that every time I get a little crabby, its because my blood sugar is high (or low) and makes remarks like “maybe you need to check your blood sugar” or “are you feeling low?” Obviously not, or I would have checked/corrected on my own. And I’ve tried to explain that crabbiness isn’t really one of my symptoms, but she blows it off as stubbornness. Times like that I get so frustrated…
I also don’t really have any friends with diabetes. Only one other girl in my school has it, but we are in entirely different social spheres and don’t interact at all. It would definitely be cool to get to know someone my age :slight_smile:

Hi Eliza, my name is Emily and I’m 16 as well. I was just diagnosed 2 months ago and I’m already sick of it too. I totally know what you mean about the ignorant remarks people make… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been accused of “eating too much sugar” already! I have days where I’m totally okay with my diabetes and ready to just deal with it and other days where I just want to be a normal person and I just want to cry all day. I just try to remind myself how taking care of myself will pay off when I’m older and that it might not be like this forever. Diabetes care has already gotten so much easier as new things develop and possible cures and temporary cures are being found all the time. Keep your head up! :slight_smile:
I have one friend with diabetes, but he doesn’t really like to talk about it, so I would love to get to know someone else with it! It would be really nice to have someone for support and advice!

Hey Emily and Margaret Anne, Thank you for replying so quickly! I already feel so relieved that I have someone to talk to and relate to. My friends at school, although I love them, have no idea what they are talking about when they try to ask me about diabetes. My mum is always hassling me and sometimes it seems like that is all she talks to me about. When I don’t like telling people at school about being diabetic because I always get the same remarks like “I wish I had diabetes so I could eat sugar in class all the time” or “It’s your fault”. I even had one girl ask me if she could eat my lunch because ‘I didn’t need it’. I also hate all those face book posts which talk about people eating a large amount of sugar and people instantly think that they will get diabetes and then refer to it as ‘diabetus’. Not Funny. Knowing that you guys are willing to talk to and help me is great!

Again, Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

Ugh! I totally know how you feel about those remarks! People always seem completely shocked at the fact that I CAN eat candy and carbs. The assumptions that they automatically make when they hear the word “diabetes” are way more irritating than if they would just ask questions about it! It’s a bummer that people aren’t usually educated about the two types of diabetes and the causes because it’s made fun of so much online and, like you said, SO not funny! I’m really glad to know I can talk to you too if I need some support! You can talk to me any time!

and then theres not being able to eat the pizza at the class pizza party without worrying about taking insulin for it, or your food going cold at a meal/restraunt while you quickly try and count up carbs (or find the often non-existent nutritional information online at restaurants). and about the jokes/assumptions/lack of general education about diabetes, that could be helped by a day or two in a general health class going over the basics and what is myth/fact. In my entire year of ninth grade health I think the teacher mentioned diabetes once, when referring to some app that supposedly helps you lose weight.
I don’t really like to tell people that i have diabetes, unless it’s important that they are aware (close friends, dance instructors, teachers…) because I fell like people look at me like a ticking bomb about to keel over once they do know (and don’t fully understand the disease) I’ve never passed out from a low blood sugar, but I mention that it could happen and suddenly I’m treated like porcelain. like, thats all cool but I’m completely fine, you don’t have to check on me every five minutes.

I know exactly what that’s like having other people be overly careful with you like you’re going to break or something. When I was first diagnosed my dad was texting me every hour asking how I was feeling and what my blood sugar was because people just don’t understand what diabetes is or how it’s managed. It’s like people think you’re just going to randomly pass out out of nowhere without feeling the low or anything. It’s so annoying when people make fun of it without even knowing what it is! Their comments are ridiculous! And carb counting is a total pain. I totally agree with that. I hate the torture of my food sitting in front of me mocking me while I have to test and inject! I’ve even had to find recipes for food in restaurants and calculate carbs for each ingredient because they don’t have nutrition information. It gets super frustrating, but at least we’re not the only ones going through this and we can always talk and relate to each other’s experiences. At least diabetes management is advancing all the time and I’m sure it won’t be this much of a pain forever! :slight_smile: but seriously why can’t our pancreases just worrrkkk!

I totally know what you’re talking about with people acting like you’re just going to break! When I got home from the hospital I had someone texting me about 10 times a day asking how I was feeling and what my blood sugar was because people just don’t understand what diabetes is or how it’s managed. And carb counting is a total pain, I completely agree with that. I’ve actually had to look up recipes for stuff in restaurants and calculate the carbs for each ingredient because they didn’t have nutrition information available anywhere. It’s just really annoying when people joke about diabetes and think they’re funny or make remarks about it without knowing what they’re talking about. It gets super frustrating at times. And I know they’re just trying to show concern, but it’s like people expect us to just pass out without feeling the low at all or something! At least we can definitely all relate to each other’s experiences and at least diabetes management is getting easier all the time, so it probably won’t be this much of a pain forever! :slight_smile:

Exactly! It’s as if as soon as you tell someone that you have diabetes they treat you completely different or ask questions that you have heard a million times from other people you have told. Or it’s the sympathetic look you get as if you have just told them something extremely sad. It’s like “ok, I get it, I have diabetes. No need to treat me like I am about to crack with any sudden movement”.

Haha yes! :slight_smile: I always kind of laugh when people ask me how I got diabetes because my most-used response is “An unknown, but most likely environmental, trigger made my immune system decide to try and kill my insulin-producing beta cells, therefore my body cannot make its own insulin and I have to give it to myself so bad things to happen.” Simplified and helps people who don’t really understand, to do so.
I’ve never actually gone through a restaurant recipe before, I usually make an educated guess based on all the memorized general carb information haha. But when I bake (which I enjoy), it’s such a pain to go through the recipe and divide everything out just to eat a cookie…

Hello! My name is Abbie. Im turning 14 at the end on the month. I was diagnosed this year on January 24th 2014. So all of this stuff is very new to me. I’ve had rarely decent numbers over the last 7 months but all of that came crashing down on me 3 weeks ago. All day long has been constant high and low blood sugars. I do take care of myself very well but I just can’t seem to get good sugars lately. It sucks because I haven’t been feelings well for so long. I know there are millions on people in the world who are diabetic and do understand how it feels but in my world, I’m just alone. Nobody understands. I have lost the few friends I had because on diabetes. I don’t know what I did wrong. I’m just slowly starting to lose hope. If anyone can help me or lift my spirits up, I would be very thankful. Thanks

Miss Eliza, I could not relate to you more about what you’ve said. I’ve always tried to look at my juvenile diabetes as positively as possible, but recently I’ve also suffered from these feelings. I think that’s another curse of this disease. Since we have no cure, just treatment, it feels like a dying battle, but we can’t treat it like that or we start seeing ourselves like that. We are not a dying case. We are a stronger community than anyone I know, and though I’ve only recently joined Type One Nation, I think that, for me at least, juvenile diabetes has taught me things like self-management, independence and responsibility that I wouldn’t have otherwise gathered. I’m not saying I like having juvenile diabetes. Of course not! But, after I went through the feelings you told me you were going through, I took a look at what I was saying about myself. I was telling myself that, “I hate hating a part of myself I can’t control,” but that’s just it- I can’t control it, so why hate it? I can manage it and I can deal with it, but hating it will only bring me down. Forgetting about it, neglecting it, ignoring it and not trying at it will bring me down. They don’t tell you this when you’re going in to see the Doctor, but my God, diabetes is hard to accept, even when you’ve had it for ten years. It’s easy to want to forget about it and ‘act normal’, but the truth is- we’re not. We’re not normal. We’re special and we’re living special lives that we have to deal with. It might not be a happy marriage, but it’s a marriage and we have to make sure it survives, even if it feels like we’re doing all the work. I am so sorry that you feel alone. I just want to tell you that I feel alone too. I hope that by connecting through this community we start to feel like that- a community. I would love to hear your thoughts about what I’ve just said to keep connecting with you about this topic. Again, I want to thank you for being so honest. It’s been a relief to know that someone else out there feels this way. Thank goodness. Have a good evening Eliza. Talk to you soon!

Julia Rose

Thank you Julia Rose for your support. I am glad there are other people out there who feel exactly like I do. I joined Type One Nation recently as well as a way to reach out to other people who are in the same position as I am. I am slowly beginning to cope with the fact that I just have to live with diabetes. You have put everything into a different perspective for me.

Thank you again!


Hi guys my name is Angela and I am 16 as well! everything you’re saying especially the mom thing happens to me also:)

Hey Angela,
Its great to hear from people my age who I can relate to. I know! My mom can get very controlling when it comes to managing my diabetes and it can be a bit of a downer. I just have to remember that she is only helping and wants me to be in the best health I could possibly be. Its nice to talk to you :slight_smile: xx

Hi guys, my name is Sharni and I’m 15. I’ve had diabetes for nearly five years and it’s hard to keep positive with diabetes management. For me, Type 1 Diabetes feels like a curse, a war that I will eventually loose and take to the grave. With each needle (fingerprick and site change) my self esteem drops and I loose all happiness. I also joined TypeOneNation recently and hope it can help me feel a bit better. I feel very lonely a lot of the time and diabetes doesn’t exactly help. Please message me!!

Hey Sharni,
Diabetes is hard and staying positive gets difficult sometimes. Talking to people who know what you are going through really helps. Even though it seems like a curse sometimes you have to remember that it is a part of you that you have to embrace and learn to love. I hope talking to us helps you feel happier and takes the stress of having diabetes. Feel free to message me any time :slight_smile: xx

Hey Eliza :slight_smile:

My name is Joahnna and I am 19 years old and I was diagnosed when I was 10 and I honestly know the situation you are going through. I honestly was giving up on myself. I am getting better of taking care of myself with exercise and measuring my BG, but there are days where I don’t want to. And I feel you when there are remarks about being Diabetic and I just want to break down and cry and be angry and throw a punch (which I am not brave enough to do), but reading your post… well I know I am not the only one that goes through this.

I know the feels my friend its very sucky. I was diagnosed when I was 6 and I hate every minute of having it. Stay strong !! I wanna be ur friend i’ll tall to you !!! <3

I am 13 and I have had diabetes since I was 6. I took good care of them until last year. Since then I haven’t wanted to bolus or test my BG. Half of the time I don’t want to test and then the other half I forget ( I know it seems hard but I do). I need to figure out how to remember. Does anyone have a suggestion?