Not happy teen that needs to vent!

 I have been a type one diabetic since I was 3 1/2 and my family act's like I dont know how to take care of my self. When if they just take time they would see that I dont need my family around me 24/7. Really the only people the act like that are my parent's and my mom older sister. And I am 15 going to be 16 in like 3 days and they think I cant care for my self or take care of my diabetes.

My aunt will fill out if I am over 200. So now I dont like going to my aunt's house. I would just stay at home and do everything myself like I do now. And when my mom and dad leave me along they think that I dont know how to care for myself. When they say something before they walk out the door my answer is "I know!" and they always say "Okay, call if you need anything okay.?".

I cant stand it ALL THE TIME. I dont want to be watched every min of my life that I am with them.

But when it come's to my brother Joshua and his girlfriend they are not like that. Joshua trust me when he leaves me along by my self at home. Which I love I dont need all my family to warrier about me all the time. I like to have my own time to my self. And the last thing a teenage wants is to have their family to be all over them all the time. And when it is my father and mother and aunt that are always all over me about everything.

Hey Jaimie. I know how you feel, my dad is always saying "you got this? you got that? you have everything you'll need?" It drives me nuts. But, there have been times when I forgot something. But believe me, it still drives me nuts. I've had to just tell myself over and over that it's because he cares about me and doesn't want ANYTHING to happen. Nothing HAS ever happened but, partially, prolly cause he does that all the time. I still know how you feel though. I couldn't imagine it being 3 people instead of 1. :)

Hope everything goes smoother.

Missed you.

Thanks Leah, I love it when I hang out with my brother and his girlfriend. I hope now that I am 16 that they will all back off now since I am older.

Yeah my parents were the same way. I couldn't stand them anymore and my control starting getting worse and worse because of it.  I ended up talking to my endo and he told my parents that they needed to back off.  I think hearing it from my endo helped them actually realize that I was capable of and needed to do it on my own.

Hope things start going better!