(not just in the morning) sickness!

Hey guys! 

I wanted to write because I am struggling with crazy morning sickness all day long! I am 7 weeks along and am having nausea 27/4.  I can't even think about certain foods without gagging.  I haven't actually thrown up (sorry for the over-share), but I gag several times everyday and feel horrible.  And have no desire to eat (not good for the diabetic preggo lady!) 

Any ideas of things that helped you deal with nausea? I just know I can't live my life like this for 32 more weeks... I know also that typically it subsides after 12-14 weeks, but that seems like an eternity! I will see my OBGYN next Monday, so that will be good as well. 

Thank you in advance for your help! 


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Oh boy, I remember these days! The joys of being a pregnant woman! LOL I have always been pretty small. I was about 97 lbs when I got pregnant and when the morning sickness hit I dropped down to 92 lbs in just 1 week. I tried it all. Saltine crackers, ginger ale, even the sea sickness bracelets. Nothing helped at all. When I started losing the weight my doctor put me on something called Zofran. I was still somewhat nauseous, but it did stop me from throwing up. I was on Zofran until 23-24 weeks. I tried getting off of it sooner (because honestly I didn't want to be on any meds when I was pregnant) but I would get sick every time. Zofran was a miracle for me.  

I had the exact same thing. It started going away for me about week 6, and now at week 14 its ALMOST all gone :)  What worked miracles for me is Unisom (yes the sleeping pill, but only in solid form!) and B-6. This is part of my Drs approved drug list, I'd call and check if its on their list and then start ASAP if you can. On the plus side its also really cheap :)   When it was really bad I took half in the morning and half at night and it made my life manageable. I would say I only threw up 5 or 6 times (usually later at night), but had what your experiencing for over a month.

The other thing that helped was high carb meals. I pretty much had to eat two full carby breakfasts in the morning to function the rest of the day. I"m talking one day I ate two pieces of toast and eggs, then scarfed down a whole order of french toast less than two hours later. That day I felt great! I know it goes against everything we've been taught about good control, but it worked for me. I'm on the pump so I just imputed in the 50+ carbs and then checked every hour or so to see what my sugars were doing. Usually it worked OK, but I ate little the rest of the day. In fact now starting my 2nd trimester I am finally back up to my pre-prego weight. According to my Dr this is OK though :) I just better start gaining weight now!

Also, don't know if you have it yet, but a Continuous Glucose Monitor really helps. Its a lot of extra money, but since I finally got my insurance to agree with me it has put my mind at ease! One thing that could be making the sickness worse is rises/falls in your blood sugar which are hard to really see with just finger pricks.

Hope this helps! If you need any other suggestions/support feel free to contact me :)