Not really on one

I am not really on a diet. I only have to count for every carb that goes into my mouth, and addmitidly, I don’t always do so. Being a teenager, it’s hard to remember to do so, especially around your friends, but that’s no excuse for not doing so

That’s ultimately what a diet is, though, which is an eating plan that is regimented or restricted in some way. I’ve had it for 32 years and while I’m pretty good at carb counting, sometimes I suck at it. I might forget that I ate a couple of bites of something (like I did with a dinner roll last week), or maybe I under or overestimate how big something is. Eating out is of course the toughest. You just do the best you can, try to eat lower-carb foods to keep the margin of error down, and check your BG frequently so you can manage it.

@angivan says this nicely. Fifty-eight years ago I was on a strict diet with certain “exchanges” set for each meal and at specific times of day. That all went out the window when I went to college, briefly, and into the working world. Yes, my lack of concern about what I ate and a blood test every couple of years [meters didn’t exist then] got me into trouble - mostly recognized as retinopathy and the certainty of total blindness within two years. That woke me up!

For years now, my “diet” consists of eating well balanced, nutritious foods over a period of the day while avoiding or limiting certain foods that cause me trouble. Yes, I have been carb counting and using MDI since about 1980 [on pumps for the last 11 years] and getting along well - well, the doctors say I’m in good health.

My thoughts, eat what is good for you and what you like and need to supply you with energy, vitality and strength and MAKE your diabetes regimen fit into that. OK, what I’m saying, be smart, think about what you are doing, be realistic, test BG often when you try something [food, exercise, etc.] new or unusual, become competent with carb counting, calculate and know your carb ratios foe all periods of the day, and remember to bolus. I have a feature on my MM pimp that posts an alert “Forgot Bolus?” if I go a certain time beyond when I usually activate a bolus.

Best wishes to you!

I love my “Missed Bolus?” messages too, Dennis! A great feature…