Not related to Diabetes, but this man is keeping it positive

Today, I saw a 90 year-old patient who is dying of congestive heart failure. I didn't think that he would be able to stay awake and sit upright long enough to complete even one part of the hearing evaluation, but he offered to do more testing than he even needed to because he "... Felt that [his] wife would appreciate it." A testament to the tethers of life..

Keeping it postitve is what is all about somtimes,he could have had a bad positive about all of this but he did not

Yeah, I honestly don't think he even considered any other option but to looks towards the best.

He came in using a wheelchair, and commented that he looked forward to getting back on his tractor to mow the lawn. 

I would say it is not only attitude, but more so your support group.  It's can become very overwhelming when you are alone, and isolated,even if it is not by your own choosing.  I always feel food when I can give back by not only "giving things", but giving by being there.  I usually get a lot from it as well.