Not sure how i did it! [A1c results]

So I had my doctor appointment today and she called with my results


i have no idea how i did that to be honest. My doc warned me to keep track of my lows though because she has a feeling that could have caused it, but overall she was happy! YAY!!!!

awesome work :)

Yay Melissa!!!  Keep up the good work chica!  Just don't celebrate with

if i can treat myself for getting back down to 8.4......with an a1c of 5.8...i think she deserves cake!

hey i totally agree!  i was j/k... i had cake and ice cream earlier today...and that's not to celebrate anything... my bf's mom just felt the need to buy some so i ate it...mmmmmmmmmmmmm...yummy!

thanks guys! I was excited.

But to be honest... i haven't been paying attention to my eating habits. I'm in college... i eat anything and everything.

Cake doesn't scare me..

Good Job !!

Awesome news!

Melissa, congrats excellent job!

wow! i hope mine is like that when i get it done next week.

random info: that was the # of my last blood sugar. lol

Courtenay, you're hilarious!  i love the randomness!!!

Congrats Melissa!  That's awesome :)

Great! I got mine to 6.5 but I was having alot of lows. I have gotten a glucose sensor and it is helping me alot before I go to low.

Melissa that is truly awesome. Why not attribute this to hard work on your part and not a possibility of lows. Although it is something you will need to try and sort out in the long run. Congratulations though.