Not sure if this is reason to worry?

My daughter is Type 1 and I have 2 kids that are not.  Last night her and my son were outside, they both came in and my daughter said she didn't feel well and had to check her blood.  My son, who is 14 then said, when she's done I need to check mine too.  So I let him.  So the end result my daughter was low 3.2(or 57) my son was 3.5(63).  We had just had supper about 1/2 hour earlier.  Any thoughts on what is happening with my son??  Is this normal or should I be worried??

no need to worry. even non-diabetics can experience low blood sugar, especially if they had been outside playing around. 80 is a pretty normal number for a non-d, so if he played outside and burned some energy, i wouldn't be surprised his was low.

my brother and my boyfriend have both tested even a little on the low or high when they have asked me to test them. as C said, it's normal for non-d's to have fluctuation in their blood sugar level depending on activity level/food intake before tested. if he starts to show signs of D, that's when i would take him to the doctor to be tested and start to worry.

You husband started feeling funny.....shaky, sweaty, etc.  and we checked his blood sugar one day and he was pretty low too.  He continued to feel this way a few days he made a doctor appointment and they discovered he was Hypoglycemic.  Don't want you to worry, but you may want to keep an eye on it....for a few days anyways.  Just something to watch;)

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3.2(or 57) my son was 3.5(63).  We had just had supper about 1/2 hour earlier.


no amount of worry ever did any amount of good.

take into account the accuracy of your meter, you son was still in the "normal" range for "fasting blood sugar".  since you have a child with T1, it might be a good idea for your other children to have periodic blood panels.  talk to the pediatrician. 



I would take your son to the doctor and get him checked for hypoglycemia or diabetes just to be on the sade side but I don't think there is any reason to worry. My cousin was low one time and he dosn't have diabetes