Nothing to do with Diabetes, but trying to help out my niece

Hi Everyone!

I apologize for this off-subject post, but I love my niece like she's my own daughter and truly believe in her and her dream.  She's 14 yrs. old and is aspiring to be an actress.  Even if I wasn't an artist of the film industry, I still would support her whole-heartedly.

I am asking my friends and family to please vote for my niece, Malaya Mojica for the People's Choice Award & then pass this event along to all your family & friends to vote too!!  She will be competing at the IPOP convention in Las Vegas on July 5-9th. This is a wondeful opportunity for her to get exposure and hopefully land an agent! Part of the IPOP convention are awards. One of the coolest awards you can win is the People's Choice Award. Malaya can simply win if you & your friends & family, & so on vote for her!!!!!

So please click on the website: *please note, you may only vote ONCE or your vote will not count & the contestant can be disqualified. 

Then enter in malaya's blogsite: and Malaya's name: Malaya Mojica on the iPOP! People's Choice page (above). By doing this, it will give you the opportunity to vote for Malaya Mojica.

The contest begins now. It ends the first day of iPOP! LV 2010. So please vote for Malaya and pass this message along to all your friends & family and tell them to pass it along!!


you for all your support!!! XOXOXO

Best wishes,