Nov. 25 is my D-versary

November 25, 2000 was the day I was diagnosed and so much has happened since then. I have gone through ups and downs. (probably more down than up lol) Times when I have just completely given up. But, I made it through. How? Because people like YOU have given me love and support.

So, on this day my diabetes anniversary and 1 day before Thanksgiving, I would like to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you for touching my life in more ways than you can possibly know. I am glad to know all of you and hope that we will continue to fight for a cure and win one day, and finally say I USED TO HAVE DIABETES!




Man almighty...the day after Thanksgiving...that sounds rough...

your curmudgeonly juventation person,


That would be a VERY good day Gina!!



Happy D Day, Gina !

 Mine was Nov. 23 (Monday), it's been 26 yrs. When I was diagnosed we had to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital : (


Happy d-day to you too!

The year I was diagnosed Thanksgiving was on Nov. 23, eating all of those carbs probably did the final touch LOL

i was diagnosed today also.. but 2 years ago...

Oh wow! Happy twin-versary LOL

Next year will be exactly ten years for you, Gina.  For me..., it will be exactly forty.  I was also diagnosed sometime between Thanksgiving and the end of the year 1970.  I'll never forget my first endo telling me (assuring me) in the hospital (Long Island Jewish on Long Island) not to worry because they'd have a cure for "this" real soon.  Forty years later... I'm still waiting.  Aren't we all?

While will all know, or at least want to believe that JDRF and all the other research establishments are doing their best, and working their hardest and as quickly as possible, we also can't sit back and put all our unconditional faith in them.  WE, as the ones with Type 1 diabetes, must continue to  endow these organizations with BOTH our support AND check up on them with our scrutiny.   This is what WE mst do to make the cure come true.  Happy Anniversary.


Happy d-versary. I am glad that things are going up and not down for you. It has been a blessing for many of us getting to know you. I am hoping you did something fun to celebrate. Again, I hope you used balloons. Although, you seem to be anti-balloon and cake... Hopefully, one day I can join you in saying I used to have diabetes. That will be a day we can all enjoy.

In case anyone was interested I celebrated my d-versary by eating Red Velvet Cheesecake from the Cheescake Factory and it was sooooo delish!!!

Hi Gina,I was never one for the whole d day anniversary thing.....but -if we are going to talk cake here--I might be in for a change,ha !

I figure its like my diabetes birthday so why not right? have your cake and eat it MEME lol let me know what kind it was LOL

I love cake! I am so glad you enjoyed your cake. It is a great thing to do. And hey it is red too.

OK- when my teens D-versary date comes up,I will make sure to have cake----Chocolate,her favorite.Then instead of the negative feelings-we can make some positive ones.This would be a big turning point and I would have to thank Juvenation for that.Happy D-versary again and thanks !!