Novel for those with type 1

My name is Eric Devine and I have had type 1 for 18 years. I am also a teacher and author. My novel may be of interest for all of you because the protagonist acquires type 1. This Side of Normal is marketed as Young Adult, but I have received much praise from adult audiences who have read the work. Therefore, if you are interested and want to read some excerpts, please stop my blog: ericdevine(dot)wordpress(dot)com. I also have some diabetes-related articles there. If you become interested in purchasing my book, it is available at longtalepress(dot)com and on Amazon. I hope this doesn't come across as hijacking on a message board. My book comes from the heart, and as you'll see puts to words the life we all lead. Thanks for your time.

It sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!

BTW, feel free to stay involved on this site even if it's not about the book. (:

We need books-so thanks for this---I have read excerpts,chapter1 and 2 --I am a ball of nerves.I want to get to the part where he is better...I would buy this book  from what I have read--but only if it has a positive and bright ending, Thanks for sharing it !

Thank you! There are so few novels out there where the mian character has T1. I've searched for them everywhere, but only found two that are both for pretty young ages. I'm excited to read the excerpts from your book!

Read all the excerpts---forget the if----I would buy this book !

Thanks for the positive feedback. I hope you do purchase a copy. The excerpts do justice to the story, but I purposefully left out that last chapter. The ending is worth it, in so many ways. Thanks.

So, Eric - I'm hooked as well. Is this your story or a fictional piece? Either way, great job :)

Great to hear. Fictional, yes, but obviously the details come from my firsthand knowledge.

I have also updated my blog with a new article, as I intend to do at least twice a week. Check the site:ericdevine(dot)wordpress(dot)com. Thanks.

Eric this looks like an amazing book. I will be ordering it over the next few days once I find a few more things I need from Amazon, to get the free shipping. Thank you for writing something like this.

Thanks for the support. I completely agree with getting the shipping for free. Let me know what you think after you've read it.