Novolog rocket

so i was wondering if anyone that's using novolog shots, are you using the rocket? if you don't know what that is, it's this thing where you put certain sections of the pen into the rocket and screw a needle on, dial up how much insulin you are injecting, pull it back, and then push the button and it puts the needle in you, so all you have to do is push the insulin in.

i've been using it ever since i was diagnosed and was wondering if anyone's heard of it or is using it

If I understand correctly what you are talking about, then, yes, I have used it. Before I started on the pump, I was using the pen for Novolog and syringes for Lantus, and I used the "rocket" thing also. I think I was told that it's called the "inject-ease", but I'm not sure.

After a while, I wanted to take it off and just inject regularly with the pen, but I couldn't find the extra parts to the pen that I had taken off when I put it in the inject-ease, so I just kept using it.



Correction: It was called the Pen Mate, not the Inject-ease.

yeah! that is the thing i'm talking about. my diabetes educator called it a rocket, but i just looked and it is called the pen mate.

i think ive heard of it.