Nutrition contents for alcohol

The Wash Post had this as their cover story today -- why it's taken so long to get nutrition, carb count, etc info on alcohol. Interesting! It would be so helpful if they did b/c if you do an online search, the info really differs. Also, what's the chances I'll do an online search while I'm out .... ?

It also made it into the Seattle Times. Hopefully they will do that soon so when I turn 21 it will be mandatory.

I don't understand why the beer industry balked at the serving idea "HHS serving sizes are "fictitious" and do not reflect how drinkers actually consume alcohol". No kidding? It is like bottles of soda, no one really CARES what the serving size is! No one really CARES how much salt is in food at a fast food place. But some one does.

This info really isn't for the general public. Just like the list of allergens at the bottom of the food labels now a days isn't for the general public. It is for the large number of people like me who need to know if there are nuts, eggs, or milk, in the food YESTERDAY not just before I eat it.

lol these companies need to get over the numbers and just give them too us. Really? Did companies think that the SUGGESTED serving size is going to stop the SUPER-SLURPIE at the gas station? Please, get over what your no foundation Marketing firm tells you and give the the alcohol content carb content and calorie content so I can drink more of your booze. While your at it give me an olive and a lime twist too.

Weird side note for everyone. Did you know that  if and when you end up on hospice you can have a daily 2-4 oz allowance of dispensed booze or liqueur????

Sincerely- your editorial for the day