Nutrition plans

i need some help.

anyone have a plan on their computer that they can email me im lost on how to do it? or give me some ideas on how to start one?

help please??

Are you looking for information on carbohydrate counting for diabetes? or are you looking for a weight reduction plan? what are you looking for! haha.

hi.. i read your reply to the other persons thingie on here and i was wondering if you knew any good weight reduction diets for type 1???

cause im tired of skipping shots to loose weight!

 i have finnally made the decision that i need to be a better diabetic!!!

so if you know any good ways could you clue me in!?

Hey Melody, 

I have previously struggled with my weight all throughout high school, and at some points I used my diabetes for weight loss (bad idea!).

Basically, portion control is one of the best ways to loose weight. Don't get to that point where you get mad at yourself for eating one thing or the other. If you want a piece of cake, eat a small slice and then eat a salad with meat for supper. It is a process of balance. Remember that you will loose more weight and keep it off if your blood sugars are under the best control possible for you. Also, it is good to try to incorporate at least 30 minutes of continuous exercise into your lifestyle plan 5 times a week. Another tip would be to eat your veggies first when eating a meal. They fill you up quicker with less calories. Overall, the biggest thing to remember is not to get discouraged! I hope this helps some. 




Wow, great advice Sara.  I'm graduating with a degree in nutrition this May and couldn't have said it better myself.  The "veggies first" rule you made I liked the best.  I'm definitely going to have to use that one when I give dietary advice.

thank you so much!! that is great  to know! i had no idea eating veggies 1st would help!!!

you really have helped me out!!!
thank you so much!!!! 

I am really glad that I could help! I have learned most of my nutrition knowledge from my diabetes educator and trial and error (I have struggled with weight since I was diagnosed). If you want to talk anymore about the issue, just message me. ;)



Thanks Mad. Diet and nutrition are on the top on my list these days. I am actually pursuing nursing school once I graduate from UNC-CH. How do you like the nutrition program in Arizona? 

The program out here at ASU is great.  I actually was just accepted to start working on a Master's degree in nutrition at ASU, too.  They work you hard... it's a lot of chemistry and biochemistry, but once you get through it all you feel really well prepared.

I'm also applying to medical school, and I interviewed out at wake forest so I may be joining you North Carolina-ers here soon.  NC is beeeeautiful, I'd love to move there.

im looking for anything that could help me with my nutrition

HI Jackie,


Check this out:

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