Nutritional Supplements for People with Diabetes

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So, I can't say that right now I'm taking more than a multi-vitamin and L-Carnitine, but here's a list of some really important supplments that people with diabetes can really benefit from that can help prevent complications.

Nutritional Supplements for People with Diabetes




Hi Ginger,What is L-Camitine and what does it do ? Thanks for the link,I will check it out. I wonder about vitamins ect.-we take them here,but do they really work ? We were told to take the multi-vitamin,and I added the fish oil caps. because it is good the heart-omega3-.Thanks !

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Vitamins DO work. Post any questions you have on the link to Andrew, who wrote the supplements article. He's the expert on this topic! But absolutely, your body can't get everything it needs from just the food you eat because rarely do we eat that balanced of a diet every single day!

Ask Andrew  in the comments section below the link for his expert knowledge on the topic!