Obama And Health Care ..Your Thoughts.?

Are things changing for the better or worse with our healthcare system ?

Right now, nothing is changing at all because Republicans just want to block anything, ANYTHING Obama tries to do.  Any change he makes will help people, and Republicans can't have any positive change that will earn Dems votes, so they want to stop it.  I'm really, really angry about it.  The Republicans won't even support the extremely watered-down bill we've got now that closely resembles the Republican bill suggested during the Clinton administration.  I'm also angry at the blue dogs who got the public option removed. 

I don't have health insurance, and I'd really love to marry a Canadian or Brit or Frenchman.  Anyone out there who can help?

I haven't read it in great detail, but I do know it will somehow allow people who have a pre-exisiting condition to purchase quality health insurance.  That would be perfect for me.  I do have employee health insurance, but I am not married so I am basically tied to this job.  And if I ever wanted to open my own business (which I do), this would be perfect.  It's also good for all of my fellow TIers who do not have health insurance now.  Although, I should say "perfect" with a grain of salt, because who knows how much it will cost per month or what the deductibles will be, and that's a whole other issue!

my oldest daughter went to the doctor early this morn.She was told she has to use this visit as her Healthy you-visit ,then she has to wait another day,not today,to make yet another appt. to take care of this issue she is having now...What ??? the person in the office said you can thank obama for this...what ?....I don't know of any changes made.do you ?? The week-end is coming and she is worse..she may end up at the emergency room over this -to get the scan she needs...that could cost a lot of money that she does not have,I don't understand.I have got to ask more questions when she gets home.I think her insurance is Blue Cross-not sure..

i have a feeling it wouldn't matter who was president - healthcare would still be a touchy issue among people. personally, i believe everyone has the right to be healthy and have access to care when needed. at this moment, healthcare really needs some adjustments, but finding a medium-ground where all sides are happy is difficult. i think if government officials ever had to personally deal with illness and a lack of healthcare (or being under-insured) they would be a lot more proactive at changing things quickly. right now, they're too focused on 'democrats' and 'republicans' instead of trying to come to some sort of consensus (my personal opinion).

I don't know...my own experience is still basically the same as when I wasn't working. Now I'm working...the copays from the insurance I had on short term disability went from $3 to $76 a month for insulin--Humalog, etc. I consider myself extremely lucky, as frustrating as that particular jump (combined with several medications, and dr, and so on) from one to the next was. At least I have tiers to grouse about.

The situation as it stands now has not changed since before Obama or after Obama. I can't change the jackasses who take to the streets, fight to their sweaty faces turn bright red to keep insurance the sole province of a "worthy" few. I can't believe it, really. These people have no idea what they are really saying or fighting against. Less expense is the result of preventative health care...that sound so luxurious. I think it's the terminology. If people weren't so poisonously hell bent on denying health care, this could change.

Anyway. I don't see things changing. Anything that does happen is perceived as destructive to those poor, defenseless, innocent health insurance companies. I mean, it's real important to keep the money rolling in the right, er, direction.

Bitterness aside, I continue to hope.

frustrating ! good to see you Crochet Nut :)


Good to see you as well.

I was thinking, regarding the post which discusses marriage...

we should set up a mail-order bride and groom service through Juvenation...it seems like a natural fit, really...

I vote to start seeking French and Canadian people immediately...there could be a D test of some sort or other...and then, some manner of contractual arrangement, and the next thing you know, all us unmarried D Americans seeking health care for existence would be hitched and off in other, far off, better lands.

Then we could have a D-mailorder-bride/groom support group, and give advice to other D people who would, in turn, get hitched as well. Sounds like a winner all the way around. Who's with me?

Now that's  funny ! ..Could be onto something there,ha :)