Obsessed with weight, calorie restriction, binging


I’ve had t1 for 23 years. I’ve always an uneasy relationship with food since diagnosis. My BMI is normal and I feel like I should be happy with my size, but I’m not. I don’t know if it’s the stress of life right now, but I am think about my weight, I measure all my food, and when I am hypoglycemic (3-4x per week), I often over eat/binge. Are there any good resources out there for healing your body image/approach to food when Diabetes seems to push me towards behaviors that take me down an eating disorder path?

Hi @AliceD Alice, stress can push us towards whatever stress relief behaviors we might have, so if that’s craving certain foods, stress can definitely have an affect similar to suffering from an eating disorder. I found a stress resource from the JDRF here is the link


I hope it helps a little.

When you are low your body releases “fight or flight “ hormones, similar to if you are about to get eaten by a tiger. In some people, your body is convinced it’s going to die. The urge will be to eat the entire house. It’s not easy to just correct what is needed to gently bring your blood sugar up a few point. It’s much more likely you will want to down a gallon of juice and eat a cake or box of donuts. I would not imagine that the cravings I get when I am low are an eating disorder but that’s just me.

There are self help groups you could look at that deal with the layers of feelings around binge eating. Probably the most recognizable is OA. (Over eaters anonymous). Hope you are doing ok. Cheers good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Hi @AliceD. I just wanted you to know you’re in good company. When I’m low I become the queen of over-correcting. Eating more does not help me start to feel better/more normal any sooner, but I use it as an excuse to binge on foods that may be OK in small doses. I use a TSLIM pump and will be staying on Dexcom’s Control-IQ soon - many people find that reduces the lows, which will help me with that aspect. If that’s an option for you check it out.


I struggled with an eating disorder for many years… Not taking insulin to lose weight. The mental hell and all consuming thought that occurs when you struggle with an eating disorder is such a hard cycle to break… I have now recovered in the sense of I no longer allow it to debilitate my care.
You feel guilty right? You just ate something and because you are diabetic you know the entire nutrition label of facts… So your mental calculator starts firing off and the anxiety builds.
How I combat to lessen the frequency of thought and or fruition of these thoughts… I balance it out… So for example… Wake up in the middle of the night binge and then realize the amount of calories etc I just consumed… I then will fast as to lessen the digestive inflammation, and ensure I get some type of physical activity before I eat again. I am a fan of fasting as I find it stabilizes my blood sugars and lessens the frequency of blood sugar issues (too high or too low). Less of a struggle to try and keep up by eliminating factors. I calm myself and break down the science to rationalize in my head… If your glucose stores are full after a binge then the best way to counter act in my experience is to use as fuel, and then it isn’t stored as fat. It isn’t about perfect it’s about balancing it out to lessen the severity. It is a gradient transition not on or off give yourself patience… take it one day at a time… take it one choice at a time… If I can offer you any help please let me know I am here.

@AliceD, one resource I would recommend to you is Adam Brown’s “Bright Spots and Landmines,” combined with daily journaling. Adam’s basic idea is that if we focus on taking small positive steps and recognize small successes that the small successes will mature into long-term change. If you go the the following link and scroll down all the way, there’s a button that will let you get a free electronic copy. Good luck!