Ode to, and plea for, squeezeless, cuffless socks, this time

I have such a hard time finding cuffless socks that really are cuffless. And not tight in any way. I’m looking for leads that I haven’t already found, probably debated, and possibly even tried, in well over a decade of searching.

That includes handmade socks from qiviut (softest, warmest yarn on earth, (popping eyes here) $$$$$$$ but by all accounts worth the investment).

My favorite loose-enough mens’ (I’m not a man) cotton crew socks for Spring and Fall that I bought, I don’t know, 10 years ago? how have they lasted this long? In any case, They. Are. Fabulous. Cheap, purchased on a whim visit to a little nameless sporting goods store in what clearly is someone’s minimally remodeled old New England home, in the center of Tiny Village, middle of Nowhere. Socks constructed exactly right. Zero squeeze whatsoever, although they somewhat stay up nonetheless, but when they wrinkle they don’t imprint. So gentle.

I’ve been surviving now for years on these, and 6 months a year on some ageing ragg socks from LL Bean. LL Bean stopped allowing you to buy the dark gray by themselves, and I already have 4 other reasons I’m not buying from them anyway, but I can’t find substitutes, and even that same-model ragg sock Bean is selling now look like they might? have introduced a bit of cuff-itude at the top. Very sad.

So my question is. Where do I obtain nice, big, loose-ish, no-squeeze, TRULY cuffless socks, made from unirritating materials? So many people sell “cuffless” socks that so very clearly have an obvious cuff that you can see with your uncorrected eyeballs right there in even the icon image. …uh… Sorry. Bit disgruntled.

But I’m getting worried that I’ll never find good socks again, and after 58 years T1 my feet are getting dang picky, and I’ve bought too many possible replacements that just are all wrong in the end.

Yes, I’ve tried handmade fleece socks. They never fit right, and the effects of the resulting wrinkles are as bad as elastic, never mind that I’ve never tried a pair that didn’t turn out to be almost colder than wearing no socks at all, possibly because they made my feet break out in a cold sweat.

I’ve tried too many “diabetic” socks to trust any of them.

And then I could go off on a real rant about the changes to Peds, but I’ll spare you that. I just want new socks.

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@theNoz - Sigh, I feel your pain! I, too, have problems finding socks that fit. Elastic is the worst! It leaves red marks around my ankles and/or legs and is very uncomfortable. Years ago, I got a set of black moisture wicking “no show” socks at Target that fit great. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find them for several years now.

Most recently, I purchased socks made by a company called CRANE because they looked like they had a wider opening at the ankle (I usually wear “no show” or anklet socks as I live in a warm climate). These socks are padded for comfort, are moisture wicking and don’t leave a mark on my skin. The only problem, they also don’t stay up. They are constantly slipping down around the heal of my foot inside my shoe. So, my search continues as well.

I wish us both luck in finding socks that work!

Pam K.
T1D 57 years and counting!

My sister talks about moving back to her other country of citizenship. Nice, warm one. Leave all other family behind. But we live together, and really, warm, unhumid climate sounds so very nice, even when it’s not blizzarding here.

In summer I mostly get around socks by wearing these sandals - from LLBean, but not sold any more as far as I can tell. Soft leather, made so that the stitching doesn’t bother my skin, and multiple velcro straps so that if my feet change size during the day, I just adjust the straps. Covers just enough of my foot that I don’t stub my toe or, usually, get little rocks or sand in them.

They were showing signs of age so I got talked into buying Teva’s instead. WOW are those uncomfortable. Between the harsh woven fabric and the hard plastic that digs into my heel when I’ve walked around in them, really not the same at all. Every summer I get them out and they stare at me and I don’t put them on.

I found a shoe repair guy in town. I’ll take the old sandals to him if they really need repair, but I might ask him just how much he charges to try to construct sandals from the same design to the best of his ability. At the least, he’ll know where I can find someone who might do that.

@pamcklein, it occurred to me that part of why I search so specifically for unconstricting socks, is my Raynaud’s Phenomenon. I learned about Raynaud’s with my hands, first, but then one winter, even though I was home, my feet turned blue - seriously blue, like, as in dead. I was wearing 2 pairs of cuffed socks at the time (I forget why I seemed to have no heat).

Does Raynaud’s play into your search, as well?

I’ve been having problems with pitting around my ankles. I had been wearing no-show style socks and my podiatrist suggested I try a style that has a sort of v cutout on the sides. I thought they were loiser but still no luck, and the pitting has moved up my calf. I was recently diagnosed with mild peripheral artery disease and am waiting for compression socks to come in. In the meantime I’ve tried decreasing my sodium intake which has caused pitting in the past, and the pitting is nearly gone.
I’ve seen “diabetic socks” at my local pharmacy but haven’t tried them. I also bought men’s socks thinking the ankle would be larger but I still get the marks from the elastic. An looking forward to hearing what people have found that works. OP, maybe professionally fitted compression will help, along with decreasing sodium.

I always examine the sock to ensure it’s not too narrow before purchasing. My ankles aren’t large, so I’m amazed that’s an issuer for me. I usually find some at Belk, TJ Max or Walmart. But, if I had ankle swelling, I could see how that might not be possible.

Have you tried plus size socks at places like Woman Within? They are wide calf in socks sizes 1 and 2x.

I used to shop at Lane Bryant, and Woman Within online for plus size but haven’t been in ages so thanks for the suggestions! There’s a Walmart neat me but I rarely go, but sounds like I should give it a shot. Who knew ankles could be so difficult :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!

HUH! I’d never heard of Woman Within. Thanks! They have socks that look like what I’ve been looking for - truly no cuff at the top. Proof is in the pudding, so I’ve ordered pairs of 2 styles, 1 cotton and 1 warmer.

Everything [that I looked at] on Woman Within’s website is marked down, some a lot. Are they one of those websites where everything is always marked down, and there’s really nothing that ever costs “full price”?

Holy guacamole. The colors in everything. Long sleeve tees in 70 million colors for $9? F’eal?

@wadawabbit, what’s your local climate? Warm, cool, dry, humid? Just wondered if that has anything to do with the pitting somehow. I’m having trouble picturing pitting, but I’m curious.

I know my downfall is humidity, which almost always makes August more unhappy than I seem to be capable of remembering it will be.

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Pitting is when you press on your ankle or calf and a “divot” remains. Here’s a picture I found online - it’s not me and I would say it’s extreme - mine want nearly that bad when I saw my doctors and thankfully it’s improved. Summer here is hazy, hot and humid - I don’t know if that might be a cause.
Enjoy song on Woman Within! I haven’t shopped for clothes online in a while but was happy with my WW purchases. I don’t think they’re a discount website - I think they have great sales.


Oh for socks that do not squeeze my ankles very tight -
And still don’t slip down in my shoes (a pain, not a delight).

Elastic that won’t leave a mark - is that too much to ask?
Why can’t finding ones that fit be an easier task?

I’ve tried ones made for gals and men, in different cuts and styles,
Looked up and down and high and low - I’ve searched across the miles.

And so now I must go online for ones I hope will do
If not I’ll sell them on eBay, for money - wouldn’t you?

So desperate for decent socks we can keep in our homes
Some of us just lose our minds and start to write dumb poems.



I am not diabetic, but my hubby is T1. I personally wear cuffless socks from Bombas. They are made to fit closely around the middle arch area of the foot to prevent sagging, but the top of the sock is not tight and has a little area at the heel where it is thicker…again to prevent sagging. I have ginormous feet and cannot stand socks that are too tight or compress my toe area. I finally bought some Bombas, received them, and promptly ordered more in all styles of cuffs. They are 100% guaranteed for life. And if you don’t like them, you can return them. Virtually indestructible!

I’ve seen those advertised and was wondering about them. Thanks for sharing!

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@Stephanie_Y , thanks for the recommendation. Yet another sock that never came up in any of my searchings. Starting to feel really negligent that I didn’t join this group and ask this question maaaaany years ago.

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@wadawabbit , thanks for the clarification on pitting. Duh, of course I’ve heard of it, but much wracking of brain later I can’t remember what the medicos I saw called it - or if they even named it. Dimpling?

I think I’m borderline on that, but I’ve perplexed 2 doctors especially that I can remember, both nephrologists, who tried and tried to make the impressions and weren’t satisfied that I either did or did not display the symptom. Mostly I think I don’t display it when it isn’t humid, and when I haven’t been walking enough.

Part of the problem is that I have a horrible habit of crossing my ankles, and when they’re swelling in the summer they do kind of produce this effect - when they’ve been crossed for hours. Not just a seconds-long press. I specifically trained myself to cross my ankles when I was 12 - some thoroughly misguided advice from my mother and me being a gullible Aspie. I’ve been trying to train myself out of this habit for upwards of 40 years, even sought things to put under my chair to discourage crossing my ankles - I know that at 58y T1, this year it’s finally affecting blood flow in other ways that I can notice, in the morning anyway. And still I catch my ankles crossing, grrrr. Now I’m thinking, a 15" cubed pillow, maybe? Just need to remember to reposition it every time I sit down. Oh this’ll be fun.

But I know what you mean now. Boy, that one doctor was so determined that he was going to leave an impression in my foot or ankle. He tried and tried and tried, must’ve been at least 6 or 7 times, seemingly losing track of the fact that he had been talking to me - just drifted off, pressing and pressing and still seeming dissatisfied. I apologize to him that I was so amused by his continued efforts.

I don’t work for Bombas! Really! But they are really nice socks. They do “hug” your foot, but the no cuff type isn’t snug at the ankle. They do NOT sag and are very smooth on the feet. And for every pair purchased, they donate a pair to the needy. Nice.

Your doctor was a persistent one wasn’t he? I do recall many years ago I was out and decided to do some shopping. I usually shop in sneakers or flats but had on clogs that time. I looked down and was horrified to see how swollen my ankles were! Thankfully I was literally right outside a DSW so I went in and bought some more practical ones - the swelling subsided later and come to think of it in pretty sure it was summer. It’s only been in the past couple of years that doctors have noticed it - one was a cardiologist who told me to cut back on sodium (my heart tests were great otherwise) and recently.
I too remember hearing you shouldn’t cross your ankles and maybe your legs - dainty as it may be. Not even in the context of diabetes but for people in general.
Hey, I’m in the 58 year club too - and I only got my first Joslin Medal last year (just never applied before). Do you have any medals? I was truly surprised at how nice mine was, and since my sister was always the more competitive of us it’s nice (in a way) to have one that she doesn’t - actually to have one at all.

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It’s a very impressive medal. I’m sorry to say, I’m not a medals person, for myself.

But that you’re 58 years too - !! What happened in 1963, anyway?

Did they tell you, too, that you could expect not to live past 40, when you were a kid?

On the Bombas - I did order a couple of the single-pair types, will give them a try, but the cost put me off from going whole hog. But your endorsement means a lot, so we’ll see how these work for me and go from there.

Hope you like the socks! If not, you can return. I do believe they are worth the price. The pair in the photo I posted are two years old! :slight_smile:

You sound too picky for my solution---- what i would do is buy cuffed socks and cut off the cuffs. They shouldn;t fray