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The states insurance we have wont pay for one touch test strips or they would but only if she is on the pump! So we have to change to accu check. That is if the pharmacy can get a hold of the lady we have not seen since March. I guess the state has a deal with accu check other wise I dont know why they would go with the more expensive brand. Funny thing is we picked the accu check at first but our private insurance wouldnt pay for those strips. I cant wait to even get her into a pcp so I can them up her test strip amount. We get 200 a month from the rx and I have bought 150 and have on the last 25 grr. She is testing a lot and feeling like crud cause of all the highs.

I ran into a similar situation once.   During this time, I was running short on strips, so I asked my endo's office for some sample vials for my primary meter and the extra ones I have laying around at home.  They gave me about 10 sample bottles, which saved me some money until my insurance got straightened out.  I don't know if you can get samples from any of her docs.  I hope things get better for your daughter.

Thanks last time I called the hospitals to see if they had any one touch strips they didnt but called a rep and they over nighted me 10 vials of 10 that was nice! She has no doc's right now so boo to that new insurance and we have to start all over with referrals and such. She has never been to a endo just a dne from the hospital she was in the picu at 45 min away. So that is out. I get to figure out and call all sorts of people to figure out if there is a endo here that can/will take her or not.

Jessica, it is terrible how much you have to go through to try to keep your daughter healthy.  If I get started on how aggravating insurance companies can be...I won't be able to stop.

I also use the one touch strips, and i've been lucky enough to have a doctor who prescribes more than I really need so that I will never be without.  This may seem a bit too personal, but if it would help, i would love to send you a box.

Jessica, I want to test more often than my insurance will allow, so I use the Relion meter from Walmart. The meter costs about $9 and the strips about $42 for 100. That is less than half the price of strips for more expensive brands. When my sshipment of strips from Liberty runs out I use the Relion until the next shipment arrives. That saves me money. The Relion is a good meter.

If you prefer using the Accu Chek strips all ths time, you might look at the following link. It has reduced prices for manyt diabetic supplies.


Actually Richard we have that meter I but it in the middle of the night when we ran out of strips and hand realized it. I had a problem with coding it tho and wasnt sure of its accuracy so I never bought more strips for it. I was just looking at the strips again and at my walmart they were 38 bucks for 100. I was just worried it wasnt good enough and ended up buying 25 one touch strips for 28 bucks. I guess I shall pick some of those up instead cause 150 extra a month at over that in costs is a lot.

I'm not sure where you live but where I do there is a few different types of state insurance available, one is CareSource and the other is Medicaid.  Also, I don't know if anyone has ever mentioned to you BCMH (Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps) my mom applied for it shortly after I was diagnosed.  After my mom's insurance covered there portion the rest was picked up by BCMH.  So we never paid out of pocket for anything including doc appts, prescriptions, hospital visits, nothing that could be connected to the diabetes.  I know there is a web site for it you may want to check it out.

BCMH is a great suggestion. I know my state has this. It will pay all out of pocket expenses not covered by insurance if you qualify. 

DIabetes is one of the conditions they consider too. 


I have not heard of BCMH. I will see if I can find it here thanks. I applied for ssi for all 3 of them and as I guessed Ri was denied. My boys are epileptic autistic and have adhd so that is why I applied for them. We make to much for straight medicaid just outright applying for it. I am guess tho when they approve the boys for ssi we will get medicaid for all of them. CHP+ isnt to bad well te co pays rock I just piad 8 bucks for a accuchek aviva 204 lancets and 200 test strips. With out private insurance before my hubby changed jobs that would have been 40 for the test strips alone. Then I would have had to pay full price for the tester and lancets because they would have been below my copay.