Off the Omni Pod, need new pump recommendations


I was on the Omni Pod for over a year when I developed an allgery for the adhesive, I've been back to doing injections for the past few months, my doctor wants me to go back on a pump. I don't want to go on a tube pump but I don't have a choice, so I need some recommendations from pump users as to what pumps I should look into, I'd really appreciate the input.



hey, i was wondering what kind of reaction you had to the adhesive.  like what it looked like?

sorry i don't have any pump advice, i've never had one before. (:

well from my person experience mini meds pump isnt very good but u can try it they have a lot of recalls on there products and srryw to hear about your allergy 

I think a pump brand is a personal decision, but I have had a Minimed for over 10 years and my daughter has had her Minimed for almost 3. We have no issues at all with either of them. I have never had anything but great luck. I actually looked into the animas ping for my daughter but had terrible customer service and stuck with Minimed. I have never had an issue with the tubing getting in the way because they make so many different lengths. Depending on where my site it, i adjust the length I use.

My daughter is only 6 and very petite and we were having issues with her sites kinking. We called Minimed and they sent us a Sure T to try. They worked great so I called back and asked if I could swap out her other ones for Sure T's and they let me do it, no questions asked. Everyone has stories, good and bad, about all of the companies. Again, it all comes down to presonal preference. good luck !


I've been on the Minimed pump since 2001, and have had no problems with it, and they have excellent customer service.  You can also customize your own skins for it.  You'll get used to the tubing, and it (the pump) becomes a part of you.  Goodluck with getting your new pump!


I've been on a MiniMed pump since 1998, and I love it!  But a pump is really a personal choice.  I think they all have their advantages and disadvantages.  Check with your endo's office and see if they can put you in touch with your local MiniMed and Animas reps.  Meet with the reps, look at the pumps, and you may even be able to do a trial run with them.

And the tubing isn't that big of a deal.  Just watch out for doorknobs...they tend to jump out and grab you! ;)

Hey Hilary,

A lot of people have been giving good advice already about how a pump is a personal decision. I too am on a minimed paradigm. Originally I was with cozmo, but I ended up having an issue with them so I switched about 3 years ago to my current pump. I haven't had a single issue or recall for that matter with this pump.

I know the main benefit of the omnipod is that it is tubeless. I just wanted to add though that a tube isn't as bad as it seems. I was very hesitant to get a pump because of the tube (when I originally looked at pumps, the omnipod wasn't around). However, I can tell you that for the past six years, the tube has been less of an issue than I first thought. Occasionally I will wake up tangled in my tubing if I tossed and turned in my sleep. Very infrequently I will get it caught on a door handle or something if I didn't tuck it in. One time one of my friends cut the tubing with a scissor while I was looking the other way, because she thought it was a string hanging from my shirt. Really though, for the most part, the tube is hardly noticeable. 

I would suggest talking with a pump educator and trying a few out. Generally they allow you to take a pump for a "test drive" where you try it out for a few days before you decide. Good luck in deciding.


Hello Hilary,


 Sorry about the issue with the adhesive. My child is on the mini med and he likes it ok. I do have some info though. I talked to the District Manager at my work and he was saying that in the near future that mini med ( medtronics) should have something similar to the omni pod. Hope that helps...

I think right now the Omnipod is the only tubeless pump available in the US.

You could look into the Animas Ping. Then you use the meter just like the remote for the Omnipod. My son has it and wears it in a tummy tote around his waist. THis keeps the tubing from getting caught on anything and you can hardly tell he is wearing a pump. (He is 5, so putting it in his pocket generally doesn't work).

One thing about both the Medtronic Minimed and the Animas pumps is that you can try different infusion sets. So if a certain one's adhesive irritates your skin, you can try a different style and might have better luck. There are lots of different styles.

[quote user="Dan"]

One time one of my friends cut the tubing with a scissor while I was looking the other way, because she thought it was a string hanging from my shirt.


OMG really! This just made me spit coffee on my desk. Wow... That's one I've never heard before.

My daughter has had an Animas Ping since August and loves it. It's super easy to use and the customer service has been excellent. She's only had problems with the tubing twice. Once at daycare she went to pick up her backpack and caught it on the hangers they have set up for the backpacks and ripped it out. She ripped it out one other time, but we have no idea how it happened. It's really not that big a deal (twice in five months) - we just fix it. Even though she has to wear it 24/7 and it has a tube, I honestly thinks she just forgets it's there most of the time. It makes diabetes management so much easier that I have to force myself to remember to change her sites every three days. As much as we worried about being "attached", it's been a total non-issue.