Off to diabetes camp

I don't think my son has checked in lately, so I thought I'd say hi.  I've missed this wacky bunch of diabetics.  We just returned Wednesday night from Germany where we discovered that my husband is a pro at carb-guessing with strange food.  The whole trans-atlantic trip with diabetic in tow went great.  Tomorrow we begin our 7-8 hour drive to take my son to diabetes camp (Kurelitz in Ohio) on Sunday.  When he asked me today if he really needed to write me a letter since he was only going to be gone a week and was I really worried about anything, I realized that I wasn't going to be worried about the diabetes at all for a whole week.  He'd probably be better off having a problem at camp (not that I want him to) than he would where we live, 75 minutes from his endocrinologist.  The only thing I'd want to know from camp is if he was doing okay otherwise, and I'm certain he will be.  He is going to have so much fun.  I ALMOST feel guilty that I get a week's break from the diabetes that he cannot escape.

Thanks everybody who answered his questions about what diabetes camp was.  It was funny----he asked about DCamp on juvenation and then asked me if he could go next summer.  That same day, his pediatrician saw me at a bookclub meeting and suggested that I get him into a camp this summer (out of the blue---I didn't bring it up).  So the next day, I put my son on the tasking of research the closest camp that still had an upcoming session that didn't interfere with the Germany trip or the start of school.  Kurelitz was the answer and I got him registered that day (July 10---I remember---it's how I spent my 42nd birthday).  Wow.  I should go to bed.

So, I guess this message is just me saying hi!


How lucky is your son to be able to go to Germany then come home and go to diabetes camp! We all need a break even though when you have diabetes you really aren't getting one. But, at camp maybe the camp leaders will make it much easier for your son so he doesn't have to think to hard about diabetes, giving him a sorta break. Hopefully, he can just focus on being a kid and having tons of fun while making new friends!

I think you deserve a break too! Being a parent of a kid with D I think is harder than actually having diabetes!

I wish I could go to camp LOL