Off to practice!

im off to practice for softball. itll be about 2 hrs i can use the exercise! lol ive got a game tomorrow so gotta get prepared 4 it. my teams been on a loosing streak not good! but hopefully tomorrow thatll change. what sports do u guys play nd how well r u in them nd ur is ur team good 2? <3 ~nat

i play rugby. i'm decent at it and my team is one of the better teams in the mid-atlantic region.

Baltimore-Chesapeake Rugby

thats cool i used 2 play field hockey too we were good

I play soccer. Well...I used to for that matter. After this year playing Middle School soccer I don't like soccer anymore. Our team was ok...I mean I love soccer but my coaches were terrible and well...we didn't really have coaches. Sitting on the bench eating Nachos while were playing doesn't really qualify as a coach. Lol.