Off Topic: Buying a cellphone off ebay

I was just curious if anyone here has every bought a cellphone off ebay to activate on their own service.

I'm tired of my phone, but can't upgrade unless i want to pay a bazillion dollars, so I'm looking on ebay to find a phone.

If anyone has done this previous, can you give me things to look out for or advice? I don't want to pay for a phone and then find out I can't activate it on my service plan.




I have never tried that, but good luck.  And please.  Feel free to ask any "off topic" question you have.  We enjoy crazy conversations!


i did it. i have at&t and i bought an old cingular phone (cause i love it) and just put my old SIM card into the new phone. no problems whatsoever with it. good luck!

yea the only problem is US Cellular doesn't have SIM cards. Therefore, I'd get a US Cellular phone, but I guess I gotta check some number with US Cellular to see if it's clear and that I could activiate it.


Thanks for the advice though!

my mom is an ebay addict so most of the things i have are from ebay. i have a phone that mom bought off ebay (the first blackberry made, i forgot what model it is) and its in fairly good condition (excludding a few scratches on the screen).

if you can, i'd buy locally. i use craigslist for my area and another website that has been started for buying and sell used goods.

ideally, you want to buy a phone that the person was using with the same company you're with. if you buy a bell phone for example, but you are on an at&t contract, the phone will pretty much be useless to you unless you need a paperweight.


here's a page with some tips:

 GOOD IDEA!!! My dad got two off e-bay, mom don't like hers, but its a good phone. lol