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What song is currently stuck in your head?

i have barbie girl stuck in my head (heya barbie! haya ken! wanna go for a ride? sure ken! lets go! Ima barbie girl in a barbie world...)

Grow Up, Simple Plan

renegade - styx

Alright, by Shiloh.

I have no idea why, I think I've heard it once.

it's my life/ confessions by Glee. it's an awesome song =)

i also have the diabetes rap by lwproductions stuck in my head. i love it so much!!!!!

I've been listening to so much music lately, literally 24/7 which I don't usually, that I've had songs stuck in my head allll day for this entire week :P

Evil Angel-Breaking Ben, it has been stuck in there for like two weeks so I finally listened to it today to try and get rid of it.  No such luck.  Still firmly entrenched up there.

I had The Munsters in my head...but now...I have..."I'm a Barbie a Barbie world..."

The brass player of the century's (Maynard Ferguson) rendition of Hey Jude.

Black and Blue by the Counting Crows. <3

can't buy me love- the beatles

fireflies by owl city

Some random bassoon thing my friend was playing today.  It might be Bartok Concerto for Orchestra but I really have no idea.  Wow, now I have lots of weird pieces stuck in my head simultaneously. 

Bartok is the BEST!!!

If you want to hear quintessential Bartok, listen to the strings, percussion and celesta piece...the part where there are two violins playing with the celesta in the background will make your blood run cold. Bartok said his music was about the Golden Mean, but man...even knowing that, I still feel fear when I hear that piece. The last movement will make you (if you are anything like me) feel like you have a new lease on life. I played the bassoon piece (not the bassoon...I wish! I was a lowly string player) in orchestra. It is a wonderful piece.

it's the age of aquarius!

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The brass player of the century's (Maynard Ferguson) rendition of Hey Jude.



Brass player of last century you mean?

Now I've got his rendition of La Fiesta stuck in my head.

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fireflies by owl city


Love love love Owl City!!!!!!! My boyfriend and I had it playing every time we got in the car for like 3 weeks.

To Build a Home- Cinematic Orchestra