OH! So pissed

As some of you know, I've gained a ton of weight this past 6-12 months (probably almost 20 lbs on my 5'3" body at last count). I've started exercising 6 out of 7 days a week and I've cut back on snacks. I've reduced my insulin, figuring it would be better to have some highs then lots of lows to treat.

Then, driving to work today, I heard a story on NPR about 3 women trying to go off their anti-depressants. One said her SSRI had made her gain 100 lbs. WHAT?! I went on Celexa this past fall, and the dr. didn't mention weight gain as a side effect. When I asked my endo about the weight gain last week, she didn't believe me about my healthy eating and said I should join weight watchers. And, this whole time I've been blaming the steroid creams for a skin condition I have for the weight gain despite my dermatologist not believing me. But, now I'm thinking it was the anti-depressant! I did online research and apparently, it's a common side effect.

Because the weight is making me MORE depressed (10th college reunion in 2 weeks, can't fit into any dresses...), I'm going to try to start lowering my dose and wean off of the SSRI. I just CAN'T BELIEVE two doctors AND my therapist didn't mention this when I've been battling this unexplained weight gain. I feel so angry, esp after the endo implied it's my fault even though I kept telling her "I just feel like something's not right with me!" I found dozens of similar stories to mine after a 30 second search on Google!

Has anyone else had this side effect from an SSRI? Did you ever loose the weight? Otherwise, I just need someone to listen to my vent right now! Thanks!!

Dude! You're rightfully pissed! I would be pretty pissed too.

Good luck!!

Batts, thanks for your response. I'm ever so slowly loosing the weight, so I'm slightly less pissed now, but only *slightly* !!!

I'm now down from 152 to 144, but I'm KILLING myself working out and eating healthy. "Only" 14 more lbs to go, 19 if I want to get down to pre-pregnancy weight.

OH YEAH.  Any anti-depressants pretty much made me gain lots of weight.  Most of them do.  And by the way, in my experience, even if you know something to be true and your doc doesn't, get second opinions or if you have enough of a knowledge base, start adjusting things yourself.  I weaned myself off of celexa myself over a period of months, without ever telling my doctor.  If your endocrinologist is that much of a jerk, see if you can't find another one.  I had a similar experience, and switched to another doc within the same practice even, and my life is so much easier.

Thanks for your response! Once I learned about the side effect, I weaned myself off. I'm doing okay now on nothing. So far, I've lost 14 of the lbs, but it's hard work to loose weight! But, glad to hear I'm not the only one who's gone through this.

I met w/ my primary care who prescribed the meds, and she was somewhat apologetic. As for my endo, it was only the 2nd time I'd seen her, so I'm going to give her more of a chance once I talk to her about my concerns. But, I like that practice, so if she doesn't work out, luckily there are 2 other endos in the group...