Ok i know this sounds weird but it helps!

okay well any of you guys worry that when you go out people just dont care and you cant tell the difference between diet and reg. drinks?

okay well a nurse told me this and i thought it was great!

take the urine sticks with you to resturants or w.e and test ur drink and make sure its okay.

it helps with the worry!


may sound weird and embarrassing to do out in public but hey i dont care as long as my sugar doesnt go sky high =)

LOL that's funny - nice trick :)

I've never heard of this trick before, lol. Very interesting though.

Nice brain juice, Allie. I never would have thought of that ;) Thanks for sharing

Oh I've heard of that before! You can also chew up your food and spit a little bit onto one and it will tell you if there is flour or sugar

I worry about this sometimes.  But here's what I do.  I can tell the difference in the taste.  The sugar ones taste syrupy.  Ick.  I can tell the difference for sure if I take a quick suck on the straw of a good amount.  If I can taste the artificial sweetener in it I know I'm good to go.  As you drink diet drinks exclusively and never touch the sugary stuff, after a while you'll be able to tell no problem.

oh good!!!! that does sound funny but it may be a good trick to watch ur blood sugars. thanks for sharing.

Fantastic idea!

LOL: next thing we know everyone's going to be carrying around Ketostix as avidly as we do test strips, and we're going to get weird looks from doctors....

I've done the spitting on one thing before at a resturant... i tried to do it descreetly... but didnt work, aha our waitor thought i was weird

haha thanks guys =)

yeah i mean sometimes i can tell if its diet or not like lately i can really tell.

but i dont like to take chances with my sugar.

I used to do this when I was first diagnosed and it was great, it really helped and made me realize how many people at fast food places just don't care or pay attention to your specific orders (my mom always had to say "we need diet, my daughter's a diabetic!")

Now, I find that I can tell on my own if a drink is regular. I find it tastes awful! I can't stand sugary drinks, and can't stomach them even when I'm low.

Is anyone else able to tell just by tasting it?

Yeah I can tell by taste.  Regular soda tastes very heavy and syrupy.  Quite disgusting.

Ya, I can tell for sure...  but there have been times that I've questioned it.  Definitely helps to go exclusively diet.

People already have gone through the whole I-carry-my-own-Ketostix pheomenon...remember the whole Atkins craze? I tried to buy some Ketostiz in the local drugstore, and they were sold out, again and again...because normal people w/o type 1 were on Atkins and just HAD to have the strips to...get this...make sure they were where they were "supposed" to be! HA! That was so strange.

was atkins some type of diet?

Yeah one of the most nonsensical ones I've ever heard.  Cutting out carbs completely.  Brilliant.

*yes that was a very sarcastic approach to it

oh. one of my friends moms must of been doing that because she had to go to the doctor because she wasnt feeling well and she had ketones

I can definitely tell between the two. I hate regular soda- it tastes disgusting to me.

lol, im lucky in this case. before i was diagnosed I would upchuck if i drank I a diet pop ( diet coke or diet pepsi) so I could easily tell the dif. but when i was diagnosed I knew it would be best if I learned to like diet pop, which i did. and now, I can tell the difference by sense of smell, and if i cant tell I take a small sip, and if I gag its regular lol, funny how things chnge after a few years. btw I cant stand coke zero, when it came out I luved it, then i just was all for the diet coke not really caring, then i tried coke zero again. it tastes really... wierd.. compared to regular..

but anyways, wow thats an awesome idea!! lol, except i'd be scared that the urine sticks would poison my drink....