Ok is this a problem?

I've been on the Minimed pump for over a year, and have been enjoying the benefits. I can't seem to get sites to work for me anywhere besides on my abdomen below the naval. I don't get adequate absorbtion in the back or behind. Recently, I've been noticing I'm experiencing more pain with each site injection and a feeling of bruising during the entire time I wear the site no matter how long or little I keep it in for. I'm not confident in my Endo's knowledge of the pump...I'm wondering if I should call Minimed. Any thoughts?

Im on the  minimed too. you should only be keeping the site on for 3 days. are you using the iv prep before you insert it? are you sleeping on your stomach alot? if you put alot of pressure on your site, that might be causing the brusing.  sorry if im not much help. it might also help if you keep your sites farther away from eachother every time you insert it. i swich sides of my stomach every time.

I don,t have any experience with the Minimed; I use an Animas pump.  However, I say "yes" to your question about calling the Customer Service line - they're there to help!

Calling the company is a good suggestion. My experience of 10 years has taught me if something isn't working change your sites. Also changing the type of cannula you use might also help.

I use Animas with the Inset II infusion sets, but I had the same issues in the beginning.  I was on an angled set, because that is what the sales rep told me to use.  After doing some research, I changed to a short straight set and now I don't feel the set at all, even if I sleep on it.  The absorption also works better for me.   I tend to wear mine for 3 to 4 days with no issues and move the set from my navel around to my back, wherever I can get a pinch of fat.

I had the minimed pump and same here-- i only did it on my stomach, i tried it on my lower back but whenever I had bent over, it would pop off, I'm now on the omnipod. And the other thing is with teh tubung it might get causght up...

Hope this helped

Is there a diabetes educator in your area?  Also, minimed should have a list of classes in your area with educators on pump use.

I use the paradigm quick set and I have fairly good luck on the sides of my abdomen, you know the "love handles."

I had issues with the Minimed Quickset so I changed to the silohuette and since that time I have had no real issues with it. The Quickset be that it went straight in and sometimes I think it ran into muscle or something else. The Silohuette since it goes in at an angle tends to make things a little easier at least for me.

Plus the Love Handles work great as well.

try anywhere you would take a needle, if not go on a pump holiday which is you go off the pump for a while and go to needles until your problems solved