Ok so....why does my dad act this way?

I have had diabetes since i was 3 1/2 years old,Now that i am 14 years old my dad's still think of my as a little kid (which i do not like because i am a teen) for a exsapl today i was haveing supper and my mom made Apples pizza and i had a pice and my dad said "Now you dont need a snack" i was like whatever

That is why i ask my MOM if i can have a snack and most of the time she will say yes or get checked and i will say "yes momi will"

SO......Why does my dad act that way?

And by the way my dad is a truck driver so he is gone most of the time

my mom is still like. i have to remind her sometimes that i'm almost 22(next week!) and i know what i'm doing. i think it's pretty common with diabetics who were diagnosed as toddlers/younger, since their parents are the ones who are in charge for so long and have to remind the kid to have a snack and all of that.

My mom acts this way and I am 35 and have been T1 for 30 years. I now have a 5 year old daughter with T1 and she acts like this to her as well. I tell her to let me dictate what we eat and to mind her own business. As a parent, your dad is just looking out for you. He probably doesn't truly understand how things work if he is gone most of the time. I would try telling him calmly that you are getting older and need to have support for your decisions not questions. Good luck!

Thanks...Amie maybe it will help and maybe it will not but my dad is gone like i think it is most all week and than is home on the weekend's

thats a lot like my dad. he drives truck too and is only home on weekends, it used to be even less than that.  my mom is pretty much a single parent and we've adjusted to that.  but when my dad is home, we fight about everything, not just diabetes.  he's not home enough to really know how i do things, it could be the same with your dad

well, since your dad is a truckdriver and itsnt always around, he hasnt relly gotten to see you through al stages, and probably likes to think of you as a little girl, although I totally get how this is annoying. but to be honest all dads do that, my dad does the same ad hes always around :P

btw Luv your Quote, I've thought the same thing :)

Is this something you can ask your father about?  My guess is no, but it might be worth a shot (pun NOT intended).   It was similar for me growing up.  I was 8 going on 9 and my dad was always making comments or telling me to do something.  I wasn't able to ask him and I wish I had the chance earlier.  It wasn't until I was in my early 30's that I finally had it out with him.  It ended up that he was scared, worried, and felt guilty (thought it was his fault I had T1).  The only way he knew how to deal was to watch closely and make comments (when he was actually around.)  The anger and disappointment I felt from him was misdirected as he didn't know another way.  It doesn't make it right but, later down the line, it gave me peace.   I hope you find your answer soon.  Be well.

If your father tries to tell you what to do w/ your D, can you calmly respond why you aren't doing it? ("No, you can't have a snack now." "Dad, I've been running low right before dinner for the last week. I'd like to try having a snack between lunch and dinner to see if I can avoid the low.") Maybe it will show him you're ready for more responsibility and that you aren't just being difficult by disagreeing with him.

I always wished my Dad was MORE involved growing up, although I guess not by my teens. I guess they can't win either way, parents. (:

Our parents always want to look after us and baby us. It is part of what they are "programmed" to do. While they can sometimes be pains in the ..., but they are showing they care.

For me, my mom is always worried when I don't eat. Post pump I eat a lot less and she keeps insisting that I need to eat something. She means well, I know what my sugar is and all so I don't need to eat anything, but I can't get that past her head over the past fourteen years. While it is a pain to deal with, it is still nice to know that our parents still care and are involved in some way.

my dad is like that to except that he's there everyday and his mom is like that to me to . like yesterday my grandparent 50 anniversary was at a restraunt  and i left my checker in the car . so i ask my mom if i could take a brake and my fingers were sore and my dad and grandma freaked out and said i was being irresponsible .  and one time my sugar was 232 and it was christmas eve and i asked my grandma what was for dessert and she told me i couldn't  have any so i asked my mom to get me some and ate it right in front her ( i'm just mean aren't i)

hahaha. I would do that, Im constantly pulling stunts like that :P

I am 34 and married!! my dad and mom both treat me like a kid STILL!! It can be really frustrating and I try so hard to explain things to them all of the time. My parents will just say we are your parents till the day we die and you will always be our little girl. They just want to make sure you are ok so try to have patience. I know it is easier said than done. At times I will just walk away so that I don't get mad. So my advice is to take a breather and then go back and tell your dad how you feel once you calm yourself down.


my dad is the same way, except he is always home! And at my school! He teaches weight training and is the head football coach. 

He treats me like that because I am and will always be his little girl. I've had diabetes for none years now, even before that, when I was born, he was sort of scared of me LOL. I have and always will be out spoken and independent, yet fragile. I still hold the smallest baby born in our family record. He was terrified to hold me. So getting diabetes made me even more fragile. 

The best thing to do is talk to him about it. My dad has backed off a little since we started to talk about it. 

My biggest problem with my own dad is that he's diabetic as well. So if I do something that he doesn't think is right he tries to act like he knows what's best for me. In this case he thinks that I should do everything the way that he does, such as the way he changes his sites for his pump. I do it the way I do because that's the way my trainer's taught me and he's had a pump for years and has become lazy with it.

The way that I deal with this stuff with my dad is telling him that the way I handle things are going to be different because I've been diabetic for all of 7 months and he's done it for 20 years. It's tough, hang in there!

Another way to explain might be to say that though the human body -- even a T1 one -- can be pretty predictable, it's not always so. And each individual's biochemistry is, well, individual! =)


I'll be 34 one month from today, and I've been T1 for 23 years. I live on my own, and my mother still goes into panics if she hasn't heard from me for several days... or if I don't answer the phone for several hours.

Parents are going to worry. Some will nag. You can't control their behavior, but you can control your responses. So... just do the best you can. =)


Hang in there!


i have been diabetic since ever and i am 16 and my parents are like that, too. it’s just part of the parental job description hahah so it’s totally normal. it’s just like when you’re high or something and your parents start freaking out and yelling and asking all these questions…but it’s just because they care. ahah they just have a very peculiar way of showing it. and they even do that to my diabetic friends who aren’t even their own children!

I kown they are but when i stay with my aunt for 6 weeks down in OH i was running HI and she would do the same thing my mom and dad do.

I when i was down there i was there for 1 week and i had to go to the ER Fun but i that much fun

Even tho your fingers hurt and you don't want to test you're blood, you have to! If you don't you'll be high all the time and won't be able to eat snacks, candy, or anything with sugar because you could go into shock or maybe even a diabetic coma! For snacks it's best to eat fruit or a banana! Bananas still have sugar but it won't rise you to much!!!!!!!! And you're dad and grandma was freaking out because they don't want something to happen to you!


                                                      I was in this situation too! But you have to deal with it! If you're bllod sugar is always high it would be great to go talk to your doctor because he could do things to bring down you're blood sugars! Well bye and good luck

                                                                                                                               Your Diabetic Friend,


Thanks Tailssa that just might help