Ok this is the opposite. I need to gain weight

Does any one know any way to start gaining weight with diabetes?  Ive been stuck at 160 to 165 for almost 3 years now.  I was 180 before I was diagnosed, and I was 140 the day I was diagnosed, but now I have only been able to gain about half of it back, and its kind of frustrating.

any ideas?

hi Andrew,

how is your control?  if you have great numbers and an a1c that's (let's say) below 7%,  then gaining weight is the same issue as for anybody.  Take a look at your meal plan (or get one) and at 160, moderately active, you probably need at least 2200-2500 calories per day.    In order to gain weight, you will most probably need an extra 300-500 calories.  If you don't want the extra weight in your gut the additional calories should be a lean mix of carbs-protien and then fats and exercise.

Eating more means you will need to take more insulin - so if you are comfortable with regulating your meds yourself then all's well, otherwise I would get a hold of a CDE (certified diabetes educator) and/or a nutrition person to help you out.

Exercising and muscle building will eventually reduce your basal insulin requirements.  It's probably best to go slow, esp when everything is changing.

If your bg numbers are all over the place then you need to concentrate on getting your metabolism under control first, or you will likely just be chasing highs and lows and your body will alternately burn carbs with insulin and then muscle and fats when you are high. 

good luck


I am now fighting the other battle but going into college I was in the same place you are.  Joe is right, good glucose control is the key. For me, keeping tight numbers and getting to lift weights 3-4 days a week made all the difference, but nothing mattered until I had my blood sugar right...

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!



To gain weight try weight lifting I was 50 pounds when diagnosed at age 5 ...at age 14 going into high school I was 95 pounds...I joined my weight training class and now I weigh 195 pounds ...Insulin is a steroid but not for muscle building specifically..its just a steroid because it effects the heart..


It will allow you to loose/gain weight radically if you don't exercise youll loose water weight with high blood sugars..


If you weight lift and only drink water your weight may fluctuate by 5 pounds from highs/lows but you will gain lean muscle mass easier then regular people because of the insulin...and faster.

Heavy weights and fewer reps mixed with greens and proteins.  Keeping track of the blood sugars and maintaining control are also key as already stated.  Two of my roommates use whey protein shakes after they workout and that seems to help them too.

Control is essential to the mix. However, there are ways to gain weight. Is there any reason why you want to gain weight? Are you looking for muscle mass or just a little extra build on your frame?

Beer, Dohnuts, Inernetz, repeat...

Well, Its beena  long time since I posted this, and Im happy to say that I am up to 182 pounds as of friday.  My build has gotten better, gotten a lot stronger and I have changed my diet completly.  I have found since I started taking in less carbs, and taking in more protein, my energy level has increased and my sugars are more consistant.  I have noticed weight gain, my only problem is that I am currently 19% body fat haha so my new goal is to get to atleast 185 and get the % down to about 10, its going to take some work, but definitaly worth it.

Ive noticed how much better I have felt since I started changing my diet and eating better food.  Its so simple, it was right there in front of me, and now that Ive done it, I dont think ill even touch fast food ever again haha.  But not carb loading is the best thing to happen to me since insulin haha but thanks for the input guys, ive noticed things you guys have said are absolutly key.