OK this is weird!

I found this story and yes I have lot's of time on my hands. LOL It's kind of diabetes related!!??

Here's the story.


Wondering what everybody thought.

I think it's awesome that animals have that sixth sense.

That is cool, but also very weird...

um, gross. what happened to the dog?! did he poop a big toe?!

I saw the same article this morning and thouth it was really weird too.

Here is an interesting find.  Animals have the same blood sugar levels that we do--in that, a cat is around 90 or so.  A friend of mine has a cat is diabetic, and she had to test the cat's sugar level and give it shots.  I wonder if they have a pump for cats.  Anyway, the cat would have to watch its sugar level if it ate its owner's toes.


Extremely odd.....I wonder if they ever found an infection......truly is man's best friend, I guess:)